Sugaring Is The Only Hair Removal Technique You Need

Which one is better, sugaring or waxing? That is the question.

For those who are new, you probably wonder what the heck is sugaring. Sure, you’re familiar with waxing, but what is this other new technique? Is it like heated sugar?

While both sugaring and waxing are painful, some claim that sugaring is less painful as compared to waxing and may be better for areas of body that are prone to pain i.e. you know where. With that, let’s get down to the bottom of this and see which suits you the best!

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Sugaring Vs Waxing  

There is a difference of ingredients used for sugaring and waxing. Sugaring uses all natural food-grade ingredients like sugar, lemon juice, water and occasionally, essential oils, salt and/or honey. This is great for those who have allergies to certain ingredients or perhaps, prefer to use all-natural ingredients on their body.

While waxes are usually made of resins which may be natural ingredients like beeswax, honey and essential oils — sometimes, you’ll find artificial fragrances, dyes, chemicals as well as preservatives in most of the waxing formulas.

As for the paste, sugaring is water soluble, so you can just wash it off with plain water. But for wax, you’ll need a special wax remover, baby oil or petroleum jelly. Because of the wax’s chemical structure, it needs something with oil to remove it. What’s more sugaring is also less sticky than wax, so the skin’s irritation will be minimized.


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For waxing, it’s best done if the hair is 1/2 inch in length to prevent from damaging your skin. Therefore, waxing can only be done every three to four weeks. First, the wax will be heated to liquefy and applied warm on the skin, which may risk skin burn if you aren’t careful. It will be applied in the direction of the hair growth, covered with a cloth that allows the wax to solidify and then removed quickly against the grain of the hair growth.

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On the other hand, sugaring has two types — paste and gel. Sugaring paste is thick and applied with hands in the opposite direction of hair growth. A strip of cloth is applied over the sugar in room temperature and removed in the same direction of the hair growth. Because the hair is being removed in the same direction of the hair growth, it is relatively less painful. On top of that, hair can also be removed as short as 1/16th of an inch with this technique.

Meanwhile, sugaring gel has a similar consistency to wax. It’s heated in a microwave and applied just like wax, which is in the direction of the hair growth and removed in the opposite way. There are also claims in which sugaring only strips away dead skin cells, while waxing removes live skin cells. SO.. if you ask us, we’ll probably opt for sugaring.

It’s really up to your personal preference but if your skin is sensitive and prone to pain, sugaring may be your best option. Whatever your choice may be, the most important thing to note is to seek professional assistance, especially if it’s your first time sugaring or waxing your body hair.