Oily Skin? Here’s How To Bring Less Shine To Your Forehead

Eeeeek!!! Your face is shiny and it’s not from the highlighter – it’s the natural oil from your skin which is totally killin’ your vibe.

The struggle you go through is crazy. You’re more prone to acne,  have larger pores, and your makeup melts faster. Most importantly, you can never leave your house without your blotting paper as you don’t want to risk having a greasy complexion.

Oily skin happens because of the excess secretion of skin oil or sebum. Sometimes you possess oily skin from genetics, but it could also happen from stress or the use of wrong products.

What Should You Do?

Watch your diet. Avoid consuming food that is high in fats, sugars and unhealthy oils, because these can cause a negative reaction to your skin. This is going to be hard especially if you love eating fried food, chips or if you have a sweet tooth. Imagine not eating fried chicken for a week? Oh no!

Use oil-free cosmetics. Invest in good cosmetic brands that are oil-free to avoid from clogging up your pores. Be extra cautious about your makeup purchases and look for items that are labelled “oil-free”.

Careful with the powder. On the contrary to popular belief, too much powder may actually make your skin produce more oil. Use it carefully and only on shiny areas. If you can, try opting for a matte powder to reduce the shiny effect. Another tip, blot your face before re-applying powder to absorb the natural oil from your skin.

In case you’re chasing time, just skip the hassle and use Cosmetea Revitalizing Tea Jelly Foam Cleanser, which you can get a buy one free one deal for only RM 49.90.

This foam cleanser works amazing on oily skin as the creamy, mousse-like foam removes oil, makeup and even sunscreen. Because foams tend to have less surfactants, which are cleansing chemicals that are used to remove dirt and oil from your skin, it’s great for acne-prone or sensitive skin. Yay!