Five Scariest Malaysian Female Ghosts That You Should Be Scared Of


Some believe in them, some totally do not care of their existence, while some are still waiting for a glimpse of the unseen, waiting to be proven wrong. If you grew up in Malaysia, you’re bound to have heard a lot of “cerita hantu” (ghost stories) that may or may not still spook you out until today.

While there are different type of ghosts in this region, we often hear about female ones who are equipped with long hair and white dresses. Check out these five local female ghosts that still gives up the creeps.

1. Pontianak

Pontianak is the Malaysian version of a vampire and pretty much one of the most popular supernatural beings here. They are believed to be the ghost of a pregnant female who died of childbirth, seeking revenge and preying on unsuspecting males and pregnant women, as they could not bear the thought of other women being able to enjoy motherhood.

The ‘Pontianak’ is portrayed as a beautiful woman with long hair, pale skin, dressed in all white and smell of jasmine.. that is, until they lure their victims and dig into their stomachs with their long nails, devouring the victim’s organ and suck their blood.

Stories have it that you’ll usually see a Pontianak in the middle of the night in an isolated area, on a lonely road or even during the day, hiding in a banana tree.

2. Hantu Tetek

Translation from Malay is literally, ‘Breast Ghost’, described as a female ghost with large breasts. These beings prey on children, suffocating them to death by smothering their ghastly breasts on to the victims.

Remember when your mom use to tell you to come home before the sun sets? It’s because the ‘breast ghosts’ mostly haunt in the evening and once you’re caught, you’ll never be seen ever again. Scary! In addition, there are other sources that believe these ghosts’ breasts are at the back of their body instead of the front.

3. Kum Kum

Source: Plukme

Hantu Kum Kum is an old witch who attacks young virgins to restore her youth and beauty.

They are believed to be the women who broke an ancient cosmetic surgery practice in which they weren’t allowed to look into a mirror or any reflective surfaces for 10 days.

Doing the surgery will make the women beautiful and desirable, however, those who fail would become hideous and forced to cover up their faces for the rest of their lives. Hence, to redeem their mistake, they’ll need to drink virgin blood.



4. Mohini

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Source: Tenor

The ghost of Mohini is well known among the Indian community. She’s a beautiful apparition of a long-haired woman all dressed in a white saree, believed to be the soul of a lonely unmarried woman who lures males to live with them for the rest the poor man’s life.

5. Nu Gui

Source: Ossarchive

With long hair and dressed in white, this is a vengeful female Chinese ghost known as the spirit if a woman who committed suicide in a red dress. Myths have it that Nu Gui ghosts usually experience injustice when they were alive such as wrongly accused or sexually abused. They seek revenge on the people who have tormented them while they were alive. Another myth tells that Nu Gui is a beautiful female ghost who seduce and suck out their prey’s ‘yang’ essence, which is the positive or light side from ‘yin yang’. Other times, they choose to kill.