Find Out The Most Attractive Nail Shape According To Your Nail Length

You may be a beauty enthusiast and know everything there is about looking your best self, but there’s one thing that may trip you up.

If your manicurist asks, “round or square,” what would you normally say? Either way, most of it depends on your preference.

However, did you know that there is the ideal nail shape for every nail length? Yep, we’ve narrowed down the most attractive shapes for your short, medium-length, or long nails.

1. For short nails, give the round shape or the squoval a try

For most of us short nailed-girls (a.k.a. our nails broke off before we could say anything), your best pick is the round shape. Round-shaped nails will give your fingers a slender appearance. If you’re more adventurous, the squoval would work well for you too. It’s a cross between square and oval, with a subtle curve at the tip.

2. Medium length nails work best with the mountain peak shape

Wow, you’ve managed to grow your nails a bit. What an achievement! Celebrate your nails, darling. You don’t have to go for the typical round or square shape. Instead, opt for the mountain peak shape to create an illusion of longer nails without the need for such a great length.

3. For long nails, the ballerina nails appear most flattering

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You’ve probably seen these on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram. Now that you’ve managed to achieve what mere mortals cannot, a.k.a. have really long, glorious nails, it’s only fitting that you treat yourself to such elegantly-shaped nails. These nails have tapering edges that give it a sophisticated impression.