Feeling Lost? This Korean Practice Can Guide You To Success

With the Marie Kondo “Konmari” trend slowly fading away, you might want to consider adapting to “Nunchi”. It is a way of life practiced by Koreans for over 5,000 years. Yes, it’s been here that long!

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Pronounced as ‘noon-chi’, the word literally translates as ‘eye-measure’. According to Euny Hong, author of ‘The Power of Nunchi: The Korean Secret to Happiness and Success’ , she explains that ‘nunchi is the subtle art of gauging other people’s thoughts and feelings in order to build trust, harmony and connection’.

It is you being able to ‘read’ a room, understand what other people are thinking, feeling and using that to get ahead.

So what can nunchi do for in your personal life? 

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From choosing the right partner in life or business, practicing the art of nunchi can help you strive at your workplace and even reduce social anxiety.

These can be done by simply choosing silence over noise, introversion over extraversion, and delicacy over bluntness, with the help of your eyes and ears.

Here are some tips:- 

  • When you enter a new space, take the time to read its “temperature”. Are the people in the room sad, happy, relaxed, tensed? Observe the surrounding before uttering any word.
  • Listen twice as much as you speak. You’ll learn so much more from what people are saying to you than the other way around.
  • Read between the lines. Remember, people don’t always say what they are thinking.