Fazura: “The Girl Who Can’t Sing” Goes Platinum

Haters be sorry for ever making that comment above because after listening to Fazura’s latest single, Can’t Forget Me, it will make you want to sing along and dance to the beat! Guys, you ain’t gonna forget her.

This popular Malaysian actress and singer is back with a deep message on self-empowerment since the release of her first English track, Only God Knows in 2017.

In an exclusive interview with Likely, Fazura said, “Can’t Forget Me is basically an inspiration by women out there, especially wives who went through a divorce and separation”. She added, “I wanted to create a song for wives, women and also men out there possibly, to stop crying over the other person but to also remember your worth”.

The song was co-written by her and Cameron Forbes, the genius behind Tyga’s single ‘Taste’ while produced by Willy Beaman, who is famously known for his work with Nick Minaj, Demi Lovato along with Nico & Vinz. In a video shown at Fazura’s showcase, she mentioned that the song was written within five hours and recorded on the very next night in Los Angeles.

Not only that, the music video for ‘Can’t Forget Me is also said to be the most expensive music video ever produced by Universal Music Malaysia.

According to Universal Music Group’s managing director, Kenny Ong, he claimed, “The cost of making Can’t Forget Me’s music video is similar to making four regular music videos”, to which he added that the amount spend is worthy of Fazura’s star stature.

Her song even shot to No.1 on iTunes Malaysia in just 7 hours since its released! #Fazbulous? ABSOLUTELY!

When she was awarded with the Platinum Award by Universal Music Malaysia, the actress cheekily said, “This is for the girl who can’t sing”.

We gotta say, 2019 is looking pretty fazbulous for Fazura! Fans can also expect a song on the love of her life, Fattah Amin. She said, “I don’t have a title or the full lyrics yet, but yes, I have already started on it. I’m dedicating it to him”.

Talking about Fattah, we wanted to know if the couple have learnt any beauty tips from one another. She explained, “I’ve been trying to convince him to let me put makeup on him, at least once. But he said no. So to answer your question, I don’t think he has learnt anything from me and I don’t think I’ve learnt anything from him, obviously!”

It’s so cute how her face lit up when talking about Fattah. We also found out that the first makeup product that she bought was Maybelline, saying, “I was obssesed with getting the right shade of foundation. I used to go to pharmacies and buy tons of foundation but they never matched”. We can totally relate to this!

If you’re a fazbulouswarrior, watch the video below to know more on her beauty secrets.