The Fastest & Easiest Beauty Looks For Your Upcoming Zoom-Meetings

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are currently working from homeand therefore conducting business over video conferencing platforms like Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype and FacTime. 

But picture this: it’s 9am, and you overslept and your virtual meeting is about to begin in 15 minutes. So, how much effort are you supposed to put together when your bosses and coworkers are viewing you through a low-quality webcam? 

Fret not. Here are some tips and tricks for a fast and easy makeup look that only took about five minutes, and your bosses will have no clue that you’re secretly still in your pajamas! Related article: Save Or Splurge? 7 Best Beauty Dupes From The Drugstore

Apply moisturizer

It is vital to prep and prime your skin early in the morning. Skin care is absolutely essential when you are starting out any look, whether at home or not. So, make sure to use a hydrating moisturizer that adds luminosity to the skin. Read: 4 Best Moisturizers To Remedy Those Dry, Flaky Skins

Put some eye cream

The camera really picks up red and pink tones so you’ll look even more tired if your eyes are slightly red. So grab and swipe some eye cream or eye roll under your eyes and massage it for a couple of seconds. Read: 4 Best Eye Creams To De-Stress Your Under Eye

Add concealer 

This is the most important part. Apply concealer in all the spots that you need—under your eyes, your forehead and the inner corner of your eyes to create a little dimension. Use your fingers to quickly pat concealer to give a more dewy look. 

Minimal contour 

To prevent looking “flat” on camera, opts for a soft contour. You can use contour to your best advantage right now because people aren’t actually seeing you in person. Sculpting your cheekbones into a whole new dimension? Now is the best time to do so! 

Lip balm on

Last but not least, pat some lip balm onto your lips. You don’t need to go crazy with matte or bold lip matte, just a simple Vaseline or Burtbees lip wax is enough for you. Afterall, you’ll probably going back to sleep after the meeting. No?