5 Fashionable Tips For Petite Women

If you’re a tall person, it’s easy to look good in anything. Just throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and you’ll look like Gigi Hadid gracefully strutting down the runway.

When you’re five feet tiny or less, styling your OOTD can be a maddening task. It doesn’t help at all when your jeans bunch up at your ankles, when your mini skirt becomes a midi skirt, and when turtlenecks practically swallow your whole head. This is especially true if you’re petite. They say “short people are closer to hell.” That’s why we can’t find cute clothes to fit us :'(

Here are 5 tried and tested style tips for short girls. Don’t worry smol sister, Likely’s got you!

1. Seize the high-waist

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The high-waist look stuff is all the rage right now. When you wear high-waist bottoms, especially if the hems are cropped short, it can make your torso appear longer and slimmer. Basically, high-waist pants and skirts give you more length and torso. When it comes to a good sense of style, embrace everything high-waist because it’ll suit you anyway.


2. Carry a little bag

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A big bag may overwhelm your frame so it’s best to carry a little bag along. The smaller, the better. It’s not easy to carry a little bag around, especially when you have lots of essentials. Perhaps you could tumpang some of your stuff in your tall friend’s bag.

3. Crop everything!

You know what they say, when you’re short, you gotta crop it. The shorter, the better. Short hemlines will make you appear taller because you’ll have more of yourself to show. If you feel like your pants tend to weigh you down, simply crop the hems and show off some ankle. Your legs will inevitably appear longer than they actually are.

4. Tailor your clothes

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There’s no way to avoid your jeans bunching at your ankles besides folding up the hems… unless you tailor your clothes. Sometimes, even the smallest sizes don’t appear too flattering on petite girls, and we’re often left to wonder why. It sparked joy when we tried it on in the dressing room, but it sparks confusion in real life. Try bringing those ill-fitting clothes to the tailor and get it fixed to your petite shilhouette. You’ll be dressed in joy within two ticks.

5. Go monochrome

Colour wise, go monochrome and wear outfits from a single group of colours. This will create a single block of colour for your outfit and most importantly, add an illusion of height. If you think going monochrome is boring, think again! If you do it right and pair it with accessories that stand out, you’ll look classy and edgy all at once.