Fashion Resolutions You Can Make For The New Year

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is yearning for a change. Some of us make new year’s resolutions hoping that the next year will be a better one… and we try to keep at it (sort of).

Perhaps you’re thinking of giving your wardrobe a lil’ bit of love after years of serving you with Instagram-worthy OOTDs. After all, putting your most stylish foot forward is a sign that the new year is going to be a great one. Here’s a list of fashion resolutions you can make for the new year, and we’ll tell you how to keep them.

1) Add more colour to your wardrobe

Ditch the monochrome for the occasional splash of colour in your wardrobe. It’s easier than it sounds – you can start with that adorable neon pink bag before moving on to a full colour-blocked wardrobe. It’ll add a sense of newness to your life and a fresh start to your fashion journey. In light of the new year, try wearing pieces similar to the Pantone Colour of 2019, “Living Coral.”

2) Adopt ethical fashion consumer habits

Trends may change every season but you don’t always have to. Our fast fashion habits create millions of kilogrammes of textile waste on a daily basis. Even when brands like H&M and ZARA join the sustainable fashion movement, it’s important that consumers begin adopting sustainable fashion practices ourselves.

You can start by organizing a style swap party — which is basically a gathering of your best fashionista friends — in an attempt to give your pre-loved pieces a new home. Meanwhile, you can choose to rent outfits instead of buying them, especially if you’ll probably never wear them again. Plus, pre-loved pop-ups are quite popular these days, and you’ll probably stumble into one sooner or later.

3) Organize a massive closet clean-up

Haven’t worn that skirt in over a year? Donate it! Pick a few pre-loved pieces that you haven’t worn in over a year and put them up for sale on Carousell (especially if they’re still in tip-top condition). Recycle your old pieces if you have to. The clothes that stay are the ones you feel like you look good in, because that’s why you’re wearing them, right? Those dresses with pockets never fail to impress – plus they spark joy in our hearts. The best part? Your closet will feel like it’s brand-new, and you didn’t spend a single cent.

4) Challenge the fashion convention

No furry slippers out of the bedroom? Rihanna did that. Now it’s your turn to rebel against the fashion convention – which is really such an edgy thing to do. Try a bold trend every now and then – mesh dresses, futuristic clear plastic boots and statement prints. We promise, no-one will dare pull a Regina George move and say, “That is the ugliest effing mesh dress I have ever seen.” Honestly, who says that these days? Fashion sisters stick together, even while challenging the norms of fashion.

5) Dazzle your outfit with accessories

If you’re not fond of accessories (or simply just can’t find the time to decide which piece to wear) you can start by dedicating a corner of your wardrobe to stylish pieces that really make an impact. Cute earrings, an interesting necklace and a pair of dazzling sunglasses make great conversation-starters, eg: “Those earrings are adorable! Where did you get them?”

6) Shop smarter — not less

2019 is the year of shopping smarter — especially for us broke babes who are often taken by the word “SALE.” Sometimes, a sale makes us spend more than we’d like to admit. The first thing you need to do is click “unsubscribe” from fashion newsletters. It hurts not to be in the loop, but after a week or two, we promise you won’t notice a thing. When you see a full-priced item that you really need, put it on your wishlist and wait for it to be on sale. Put all that extra money aside for an emergency – you’ll never know when you’ll wish you had less clothes and more money.

Did we miss out on any fashion resolutions? Let us know which resolution you’ll be making for your 2019 wardrobe makeover.