Fashion Brands In M’sia That Reward You For Donating Old Clothes

With the KonMari method making a name among hoarders wanting to clean up their mess. But once we’ve kept the clothes that sparks joy to us, what do we do with the ones that don’t? Here’s a suggestion, recycle your old clothes for new ones!

That’s right, if you aren’t aware, some of your favourite brands could be offering recycling programs. Fast fashion is the second dirtiest industry in the world next to big oil. Hence to increase sustainability and to decreasing pollution, these brands are one step closer to leading eco-friendly practices by offering sweet reward-based recycling programs.

1. Monki 

If you often shop at Monki, you’re going to love them even more! At Monki, you can recycle any textiles, from clothes to home textiles. The clothes can be from Monki and other brands in any condition. To say thanks, Monki will be giving you 10% voucher for one whole purchase! YASSS

2. H&M 

Just drop your bag of pre-loved clothes at the nearest H&M store. Be it any brand in any condition. From odd socks, worn out T-shirts and old sheets. The old clothes are then sent to the recycling plant, where they’ll be sorted out by hand. Your reward? Receive a discount card worth 15% off on your next in-store purchase!

3. Neubodi 

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Don’t throw away your old bras because they can be recycled too! Neubodi’s Bra Drive seeks to collect second-hand bras in which these good wearable bras will be sent to rural areas and villages in East Malaysia, as well to third world countries such as Africa and Nepal. But don’t worry if yours aren’t usable anymore because the bras will be recycled into fibres or fuel to power cement kilns and industrial boilers. Love their philosophy on this – no bras go to waste, as the bras will be given a second life to women in need or as recycled materials.  Recycle your bras are receive 25% for new bras!

 4. Zara 
You can also drop your used clothes over at Zara. However, this service is currently only available at selected stores. FYI you can donate anything from clothes, footwear, jewellery and more. These recycled items are then donated to non-profit organisation. While you may not receive any discount vouchers for donating, think about it as a way for you to give back to society!

Levi’s store will also have a recycle box, in which you can drop off clothes that you no longer need. Fun fact, each box is made out of re-purposed denim scraps to promote recyclability. Donate and you’ll save 20% off a single item. This totally calls for a new pair of jeans!