Fans Are Drooling Over Jake Gyllenhaal’s Shirtless Handstand Challenge

As you may have noticed, celebrities—they’re just like us—are extremely bored. So far, we’ve seen them participating ‘Until Tomorrow’ challenge, Britney Spears become the fastest human alive, Jessica Alba dance to Meg Thee Stallion’s Savage, and on Thursday, another unexpected gift: Jake Gyllenhaal took his shirt off. Ughhhh, Jake????

It wasn’t his idea. The day before, his fellow MCU actor Tom Holland issued an internet “challenge,” meaning he did something innocuous and then forced three others to do it too. Jake Gyllenhaal was one of them, plus Ryan Reynolds and another British guy named Harrison Osterfield.

Jake then happily obliged, posting his own video to his Instagram story with the caption “Challenge accepted @tomholland2013”.

In nothing but a pair of gray leggings, the Marvel actor suspends himself upside down, slowly crawling his feet up a wall until he’s in a decent-enough handstand, only a few stray hairs from his impeccable bun falling from his crown. Then, while still inverted, he somehow manages to dress himself in a tie-dyed T-shirt.

And as usual, fans are loosing it! (Us, included) Below, a curated selection of Twitter reactions to Gyllenhaal’s beautifully executed handstand.

Meanwhile.. this is Ryan Reynolds reaction.. Classic..