‘’Over-Groomed Like An Adult!’’, Netizens Are Concerned Over Mini Lofa’s Appearance

Che Naura Aini, 6 who previously gained major buzz from netizens for resembling Malaysia’s famous entrepreneur and actress, Neelofa Mohd Noor—she was even invited to meet Neelofa herself on MeleTOP! a couple of months ago. Since then, the number of followers on her Instagram page has increased daily. 

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mini ME ! They finally found the new host for @meletop

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However, recently, netizens showed their concerns upon seeing the little kid’s appearance on social media. Not only is the style of conversation and facial expression that shows she’s way past her age, she is often styled with over-the-top clothes for her age. Her face was covered with thick makeup although it is not recommended for children because of its high chemical content. 

Her mom tried so hard to make her daughter look like Neelofa, when in reality she needs to teach her daughter the importance of having a real self-identity

Netizen began to criticize both of her parents who seem to ‘market’ their own children for the sake of public attention. The 6 years old girl was also flooded with words of pity from the public for not being able to lead a normal life like other children. 

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