3 Expert Foundation Tips So You Don’t Look Like A Hot Mess

Most of us make foundation an important part of our makeup routine, but towards the end of the day, our look can turn into a hot mess if we’re not careful!

We’ve probably experienced it before – the unwanted cake base. How do celebrities have such flawless foundation? Some of their bases even look like skin.

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Well, we have the answers! Here are three expert foundation tips so you don’t look like a hot mess.

1. Find your right shade

No shade, but some of us just can’t get this right. Thankfully, brands like Fenty have been stepping it up to offer us a variety of shades, so there’s the right foundation hue for everyone. Match the foundation to your neck instead of swatching it onto your arm, because your neck is closer to the colour of your face.

2. Add skincare to your foundation

It sounds strange, but makeup artists actually mix moisturiser (we recommend Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream) to their foundation if their clients prefer a more subtle look. It can also be an element that heals and soothes redness on your skin. Meanwhile, skincare products like Vitamin C gives you a radiance boost while essence hydrates the skin. Mix moisturiser or other skincare products with your foundation, using as much of the latter as you need.

3. Set your makeup

Translucent powder, like Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Color Powder, and setting spray is one way to make your foundation go from hot mess to just hot. Setting your makeup is super important, especially in our ever hot and humid climate. First, set your makeup with translucent setting powder and then top it off with a generous layer of setting spray.