Excuses We Give To Skip Gym And ‘Sexercise’ Is One Of It

When was the last time you hit the gym? Was it yesterday? Last week? Last month? Or was it so long ago that you can’t even remember? Me neither.

With the rising obesity cases in this country, you would think that people would start getting worried about their health. Unfortunately, Malaysians are such a creative lot when it comes to making up excuses to skip working out. We say things like “Next week lah”,  “Aiya, I forgot to bring my sports shoes”, and will even make up an illness whenever people invite us to the gym.

Sound familiar? Check out these top five legit reasons (they’re mainly excuses, tbh) on why Malaysians think that it’s fine to ditch the gym. Let us know if you’re guilty of doing any: 

Excuse #1 “Sex is a type of exercise, right?”

SEX + SWEAT = FAT BURNING. Did you know that having 30 minutes of sex is equivalent to you running for approximately 15 minutes? Yeap, and apparently, the doggy style sex position can even burn up to 135 calories per half hour if you put in maximum effort.

Although sexercise sounds more fun than running, you need to note that burning calories is not the same as building muscle strength. The lack of body strength might restrict you from trying out different positions aside from the go-to missionary, as you tend to get exhausted easily, if not muscle cramps.

Excuse #2 – “Just cut out sugar, carbs, and fats if you want to lose to weight”

This type of person believes that you can lose weight without working out at the gym – as long as you watch what you eat and avoid food that contains sugar, fats and carbs.

Let’s get this straight. Although it is good to detoxify your body of unnecessary substances, however, you might lose your muscle strength due to the lack of working out. In turn, your body might become skinny fat instead. Yikes!

Excuse #3 –“Doing house chores is as good as working out  

Paying for a gym membership is an expensive lifestyle. Why pay when you can stay at home and sweat it out by doing house chores instead?

According to an article by Readers Digest, sweeping and mopping the floor could burn about 240 calories per hour while gardening burns around 250 calories per hour. Additionally, you can even sweat away 150 calories when you cook. Talk about convenience

Excuse #4 – “Friday night, clubbing tonight!”

Burn baby burn! The best way to lose em’ fats is to dance the night away while having fun, no doubt about that.

Dancing can burn about 400 calories per night – depending on how hyped-up you are on the dance floor. However, you might want to slow down on the drinks, because a glass of that ice cold beer can cause you around 150 calories. Drink wine instead!

Excuse #5 – “I’m so busy with work… Next week?”

Definitely one of our most classic excuse, we’re always so caught up with work that we forget to take care of our body and mental health. But remember, there’s always time to squeeze in a little workout. You could do some light stretching in the morning, or perhaps skip ropes — anywhere, anytime.