5 Things You Need To Know Before Your Very First Boxing Class

These days, more women are opting for boxing classes over barre and yoga. It’s not hard to see why – boxing promises an intense and fun workout between you and your punching bag. Still, some of us can be nervous before our first boxing class, even if we really want to hop on the bandwagon with the best female boxers at the gym.

Before we begin, let’s get this straight – you won’t suddenly become buff if you keep going to boxing classes. Supermodel Gigi Hadid is an avid boxer and you don’t see her becoming anything but lean and toned. Body goals.

Here are 5 things you need to know before your very first boxing class. Good luck!

1. Keep your hair up


You’ll be moving around a lot, so invest in a good-quality hair tie that won’t break when you’re busy punching and feelin’ yourself. You’ll also be sweating a lot so we’d suggest investing a little more $$ to a gym that provides showers.

2. Pack your essentials

This needs to be said because some of us tend to forget – pack your essentials to boxing class. That means a water bottle, toiletries and two towels (one for your sweat and another for the shower).

3. You don’t need to invest in your own boxing gloves yet

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Unless you happen to spot a reasonably-priced and really cute pair! The gym, or wherever your boxing class is held at will probably provide boxing gloves and hand-wraps. For your first class, the instructors, regular gym-goers or staff will usually help you with the wraps. Kind of a nice way to meet workout buddies, huh?

4. You’ll get through all the reps

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Work hard and have fun guys!

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Don’t worry. You won’t have to keep punching for an hour straight. There are reps that include kicking, jabbing, sit-ups and push-ups. Cooling down will also include some pretty relaxing yoga moves. You’ll make it through because there will be breaks and different moves to challenge every part of your body.

5. It’s not a competition

First of all, nobody wants to fight you. You don’t have to fight anyone, really. These days, people do boxing to get fit, but not to fight (unless you want to). Boxing isn’t just about fighting, it’s about giving your body a good workout so you can live a better tomorrow.

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