Everything Tati Westbrook Said Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson Did To Manipulate Her (In 5 Minutes)

Dramageddon 3.0? If you haven’t already heard, Tati Westbrook has reemerged to – once again – call out injustice in the beauty community. Her 40-minute long video titled, “BREAKING MY SILENCE …” is emotional and…well, long. So if you’re wanting to know what she said without having to watch the whole thing, don’t worry, I’ve done that for you. And if you don’t know the story or why this is a huge deal, read it here before you continue on. Here is everything Tati Westbrook has said about James Charles, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson in 5 minutes.


Tati Westbrook and James Charles

  • Post-Dramageddon 2.0 and just after Shane & Jeffree’s series ended, Tati says that she invited James Charles to her place to compare receipts (DMs, texts and stories) about what had happened behind the scenes. She says that James Charles has offered to be with her for the video, but she refused as she “felt that I needed to do this alone because he deserves my first apology”. She apologises by saying,


“I’m sorry I bought into any of their lies, allowing myself to be weaponised against you. I’m sorry that I bought into any of their lies. Believeing those lies and allowing myself to be gaslit into making that video is one of the biggest regrets of my life.”


  • Tati reiterated that she said what she did in her initial video because she felt betrayed by James (after he seemed to promote products from her brands rival) but she did not lie.


  • She acknowledges her position as “a grown woman” and shares that she can “usually spot deceit and manipulation from a mile away”. Her ‘Bye Sister’ video was posted because she got caught up in the “poisonous lies” Shane and Jeffree fed her while her guard was down.


  • Tati reveals that just as she was getting increasingly frustrated with James Charles (last May) as she felt he was making choices that were dangerous for his career and safety. According to her, Shane and Jeffree were feeding the information that was “terrifying” and made her think that James’s “career and freedom were in jeopardy”.



Tati Westbrook’s relationship with Jeffree Star –

  • Tati says that she got to know Jeffree not long after he started out on Youtube but only started talking to him in 2017. At the time, she says Jeffree presented himself as someone who had changed and was trying to be better, after all the drama he had been involved in. She compared him to a “lion” that was “dangerous” but “kind” and said she wanted to influence him into being a role model for others.


All the Big Red Flags about Jeffree Star Tati Westbrook choose to ignore – 

  • The first red flag Tati ignored was Jeffree’s attack on Jackie Aina, an African American Youtuber. Tati apologises to Jackie for defending Jeffree, who she thought had provoked Jeffree. In reality, she misunderstood Jackie’s anger at Jeffree, who is known to be someone with a history of racism.


  • She also chose to believe that Jeffree was someone who was learning from his mistakes when Dramageddeon 1.0 happened. In 2018, after Manny MUA, Laura Lee, Gabrial Zamora and Nikita Dragun shaded Jeffree Star, Tati failed to see how the whole scandal grew out of proportion as a result of having ticked off Jeffree Star.



Tati alleges that Jeffree Star has “trapped people into saying things they wouldn’t otherwise say” –


  • Tati shared how, during the first two years of knowing Jeffree, they did not actually spend much time together. She clarifies that she’s only been to Jeffree’s place twice while he’s been to her a few times. Both times, the two did not stay together for long. They communicated sporadically through FaceTime, calls and texts – mainly when Jeffree was caught up in some new drama or when he had a new product about to launch.


  • When they did talk, Jeffree would frequently comment about how much dirt he held on other brand owners and members of the Youtube community. Tati believes that Jeffree has held “blackmail material on many people and is capable of destroying the entire community.”


  • Tati also warns viewers that Jeffree will probably release this ‘dirt’ and not hold back after her video. She says, “We need to be prepared to understand that we need to forgive the people that he is holding hostage with veiled threats of exposure.”



Tati witnessed Jeffree’s obsession with James Charles – 

  • According to Tati, it was in 2019 that Jeffree started talking a lot more crap about James and “it had become his biggest obsession”. Jeffree had told Tati that James had wanted Jeffree and Nikkie Tutorials for video collaboration, not Tati.


  • At her birthday party, Jeffree would tell Tati that James “was out of control” every time James was distracted. Jeffree went as far as to call and text Tati to “apologise for James’s behaviour on his behalf”.


  • Not only that, while touring Jeffree’s warehouse in hopes to have Jeffree develop Tati’s merchandise, Jeffree only spoke poorly of James Charles.



Jeffree Star brought Shane Dawson Into Tati Westbrook’s life –

  • Telling Tati that Shane Dawson was a fan of hers, James invited Tati to be a part of their docu-series. Not long after, Shane himself reached out to Tati, saying that hers was his “favourite beauty channel” while calling her “the Queen of makeup reviews on YouTube.”


  • Tati expressed regret in not doing more research on Shane because all Tati knew of Shane was that he was “funny” and “the most adored documentary filmmaker on YouTube.


  • She invited Shane to hers to play with makeup and she shared with him how she had been a victim of sexual assault and of her faith. Shane went on to say that he was going to be loyal to Tati “in this life and the next”.



Why Tati believed Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson –

  • Tati says that she believed Shane (and in turn, Jeffree) because of Shane’s image as the “King of Truth on YouTube”. She says Shane sat in her home for hours as he shared the allegations against James Charles with her.


  • Tati says that for weeks, Shane and Jeffree were feeding her new allegations and she believed them because they said they had evidence.


  • In addition, not only did Shane know about Tati’s intention to post a video decrying James Charles, he told Tati he could design the thumbnail, edit and help title it. Because of this, she was made to further believe that he was telling the truth.

What Tati claims Shane Dawson has said about James Charles – 

  • When Shane mentioned how Jeffree wanted her to be a part of their docu-series together, he also said that the series was changing “because there was something horrible happening in [their] community with James Charles.”


  • Shane Dawson said that James Charles was a “monster” with “many victims.” He apparently also said that James Charles was hurting minors, who Shane was planning to interview for the docu-series.


  • Shane also called James a ‘narcissist’ after Tati called to tell him that she was worried that James would hurt himself should she release her ‘Bye Sister’ video.



What happened after ‘Bye Sister’

  • Jeffree and Tati said that after she published her video on James, ‘victims’ of his would appear with evidence to corroborate what they had led Tati to believe.


  • Tati soon believed the conspiracy theory that the whole incident was a social experiment (that she thought that James Charles may have been a part of) and that she would be made a fool of. Luckily, Jeffree and Shane listened to Tati’s request to limit Dramageddon 2.0 to one episode of their docu-series.


  • Tati later heard that there was going to be more drama and stored all the information that she had on Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson (text messages and files) on a hard drive that she then gave to her lawyers. She says she was “afraid for her life”.


  • Tati said that in the aftermath of the drama, she had to move for fear of getting hurt and her mental and physical health suffered. Her plans to conceive in 2019 had to be put on hold because her health could not support a pregnancy.



Tati Westbrook’s allegations against Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson – 

  • Tati says that she has evidence that Jeffree and Shane are responsible for so much of the damage that has been caused.


  • Tati believes that both Jeffree and Shane were both bitterly jealous of James Charles’s success. Jeffree resented that so much of his business was centred around his biggest rival and Shane did not like that James Charles wanted to make a documentary.


  • She thinks that Dramageddon 2.0 was planned as a way to marginalise James Charles and get him out of their way for their November launch of the Conspiracy palette.
  • Tati also mentioned how she has just found out that Jeffree is a co-owner of Morphe and before the scandal occurred, James had plans to develop an entire cosmetics line with the owners of Morphe (this has yet to pan out…?).


  • Tati believes that it was more than just Jeffree and Shane that have been trying to silence her.



And… that’s it for now! Phew, that’s a lot isn’t it? Well, we hope that this does not actually turn into Dramageddon 3.0 as the first two have already caused a lot of pain and anger for those involved and the ones watching as well.