M’sian Girls Share Why Moms Make The Best Of Friends

Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without my mom.

Even though I’m all grown up, I still have the need to update her on my life and daily activities. I need to know what her thoughts are and if I was making the right decisions. Especially since we’re only 22 years apart, we kind of treat each other just like friends. We can talk about almost everything! That’s why she’s my best friend.

In conjunction of Mother’s Day, I went around looking for girlfriends whose BFF is their own mom and dug out what’s the best advice their mom has ever given to them!

1. Shelin Yap 

“Us girls usually seek life advices from our moms. In my case, it’s almost the opposite. She always allow me to do whatever I desire and to be happy with my life decisions.  No matter what I do, she believes that I learn and gain something out from it. That’s why she my understanding best friend!”

2. Farah (Faya) D. 

“My mother is my best friend because she has given me the reassurance and faith throughout my whole life. The best advice? Always make and respect boundaries. Even with your closest friends!”

3. Shazzlin Farahin 

“My mom treats me just like one of her friends. Maybe that’s why I feel comfortable to share everything with her and in return she’ll give solid advices. I even talk to her about love issues. There was this one time when I got fed up with love, that she told me not worry because she’ll find me a “jodoh” instead!

4. Suzanne Azavedo 

‘My mum is my best friend for so many reasons. She is my go-to person when it comes to life’s challenges, giving me advice that I wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere and more often than not, helps me solve my problems. She’s the calm to my storm when I’m stressed about life’s worries, reminding me to enjoy the little things in life and to not let anything drag me down. Most times, I consult mum for fashion advice. She’s my best friend (I hope I am hers too) and I love her 3000.”

5. Nadhira A. Mahmood

“She knows exactly how I’ll act and react to something. I know it’s cliché but she gets me inside out. My mom is my soulmate! The best advice she’s ever given me is that people talk; so I must show them that I can be successful no matter what they say.”

6. Monashini Moon

“Mummy is the best person to talk to for anything. No matter what, she’ll never judge me instead she’ll support my decisions. No matter how rebellious, she’ll trust me and that’s when I knew, I can always count on her or tell her anything. Her advise to me was that it doesn’t matter what I have, if I’m happy that’s more than enough.”

7. Shangkaree Devi 

“Mothers are actually the best-est friend that you can ever have because to be honest she’s the only person who will put you before herself. No one else will ever do that. Even though a lot of people think mother’s don’t understand us, the older you get the more you understand how wrong that statement is. They do understand, that’s why they warn us about certain things. So we don’t get hurt. We’re always their number one.The best advice my mom’s ever given me is, don’t put yourself down for other people. You come first.”