Emma Watson Launches Free Helpline For Legal Advice On Work Harassment

Woah, talk about beauty for a cause. We know Emma Watson has always been vocal about women’s empowerment and their well-being.

But now, the actress and activist have found another way to actually help women in need – by launching a free helpline that provides free legal advice to women. It aims to assist women to identify sexual harassment in the workplace, a guide to filing a complaint against an employer and understanding laws around settlement agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

The advice line, funded by the Time’s Up UK Justice and Equality Fund, managed by the UK Fund for Women and Girls and kickstarted by donations from other celebrities including Watson – who donated $1.2 million to the project.

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A reminder for anyone who needs it. ➡️ If you have experienced sexual assault, harassment or related retaliation in the workplace, you are not alone: the #TIMESUP Legal Defense Fund can provide you with legal support. For all requests of assistance, fill out an intake form at the link in bio.

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Watson said, “It’s completely staggering to think that this is the only service of its type given that research has found that as many as one in two women experience sexual harassment in the workplace.”

“Understanding what your rights are, how you can assert them, and the choices you have if you’ve experienced harassment, is such a vital part of creating safe workplaces for everyone, and this advice line is such a huge development in ensuring that all women are supported, wherever we work.”

Sounds amazing especially for women who do not have the financial capabilities to seek legal advice. Sadly, the service is only available in England and Wales.

It’s great to see celebrities like Emma Watson who’s using her channel for society and we can only hope for more celebrities to follow in her footsteps.

Remember, harassment of any kind is never cool.  We interviewed an expert on workplace harassment in Malaysia and how you can get help. Read more about it here.