Eek! This Is Probably Why Your Hair Is Greasy & Oily

Greasy hair is no fun at all. If your hair gets greasy no matter what you do, you can definitely relate to the agony of waking up early in the morning just to shampoo our oily hair!

But why exactly is your scalp so greasy and oily? When others can go on for days without shampooing yet their hair still looks on point.

Here are five possible reasons as to why your hair gets greasier way faster than your girlfriends.

1. You touch your hair way too often

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Dermatologist Sheel Desai Solomon, MD, FAAD, tells Bustle, it could be due to the fact that you’re constantly brushing or touching your hair too much that it leads to oil production. Besides, your hands also produce oil that can easily be transferred to your hair. Just leave your hair alone once your done styling it!

2. Your pillowcase needs a wash

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Are you guilty of not changing your sheets regularly? That’s probably why your hair gets greasy every single morning! According to celebrity hairstylist and T3 brand ambassador Laura Polko says that the oils from your face and environment may end up on the pillow. We reckon this is should be noted especially if you have an oily face.
3. The type of shampoo that you use 
Oh yeah, watch out for the type of shampoo that you use because it can really impact the oil levels of your hair. Shampoos that are “moisturising” or “repairing” may contain heavier ingredients that change your hair textures to appear greasy even after you’ve washed your hair.
4. You’ve gone overboard with the hair conditioner 
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Celebrity hair-stylist Philip B. explained to Beautylish, “You know you’ve over-conditioned when your hair feels too soft and limp, or if it feels heavy, thick, and oily.” Remember to focus conditioning your hair ends instead of your roots.

5. Your diet shows in your hair 

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Laura Polko says, “Your hair will literally reflect what you’re eating.” Hence if you are consuming too many omega 6 fatty acids, the hair may be greasier compared to you eating omega 3 fatty acids. However, most experts agree that a healthy, well-balanced diet will help your hair to grow beautiful and strong.