Malaysia’s Year 3 Text Book Basically Blames Victims Of Sexual Assault

Girls, here’s how you can protect yourself from being sexually harassed – wear appropriate clothes, don’t walk in alleys and yes, please close the door while changing your clothes. As if all this while we enjoy and want to change our clothes out in the open!

Shockingly, this was taught in Year Three Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan (Physical and Health Education) textbook. To which NGO’s are saying how the inappropriate info-graphic teaches boys and girls victim blaming in sexual harassment incidents.

Source: The Star

Back in January, the Year Three textbook published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) came under the fire for educating kids how to “jaga maruah” (take care of their dignity). Instead, they should educate them from young that it’s not okay to harass girls.

Absurd consequences

Not only that, the consequences of girls dishonouring their modesty would make them lose their friends, bring shame to their family and suffer emotional disturbance.

They are innocent and it’s us who shape them into a sexual mindset

Honestly, kids at the age of nine don’t even know what’s the meaning of losing their dignity. According to Women’s Aid Organisation vice-president Meera Samanther, she said, “The Education Ministry has endorsed and approved educational material that teaches nine-year-old girls that they alone are responsible for taking care of their safety and family’s honour, while ignoring the responsibility of adults and the state in protecting children.”

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Source: Hornbill Unleashed

It’s starts from home and school 

Society and apparently schools are the reason boys grow up not respecting girls. If we are ever going to change and stop victim blaming, the foundation should start from school and home.

One video posted on proves that young boys knew that it was wrong to slap girls, even when given the permission to do so because they were brought up to respect girls.

Since the whole issue on the info-graphic, the Education Ministry has taken action to revise the info-graphic on the Year Three Physical and Health Education text to avoid misinterpretation.