4 Easy Ways To Host The Best Sleepover Ever

Have you ever gotten together with your girls for a sleepover only to find out that it wasn’t as good as you expected? Well, it’s not your fault if everyone falls asleep, we’re all adults.

When we were younger, some of our parents didn’t let us go to sleepovers because you have your own bed here. Now that we’re older, we just want our own bed, but with our best girlfriends in there too.

So, here’s how you can plan the best slumber party with your girls, and be the most gracious hostess ever!

1. Sleep during the day

As the hostess, it’s important that you harness all your energy and channel it into making your sleepover the very best of all. So, catch up on some sleep during the day, and you’ll be well-rested at night to have fun with your besties.

2. Make your bed!

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What’s a sleepover without a neat bed? Put out some quilts, blankets and pillows for your guests – who will all be too old for pillow fights anyway! You’ll probably just sit in a circle and catch up over space brownies.

3. Do your skincare routine together

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Share your tips, do sheet masks, and share skincare products. A little bit of essence never hurt anyone, especially that one friend who has never tried an elaborate skincare routine before. She may end up loving it!

4. Bake a cake together

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If you’ve watched Nailed It on Netflix, you probably know what’s gonna happen next. Unless one of you is exceptionally good at baking, let’s see what a couple of sleepy (and preferably drunk) amateur bakers will produce. Be sure to get it on Instagram Live so everyone else knows what you and your fab friends are doing!