3 Easy Steps For Bee-Stung Plump Lips Without Fillers

Lips are such a big part of the cosmetics industry because we’re (partly influenced by Instagram gurus) always searching for the perfect, plump, bee-stung lips.

There’ve been lots of lip-correcting surgeries in the market, including fillers for Insta-worthy lips and the anti-RBF lip filler.

Meanwhile, just recently, girls on TikTok were enraptured with a viral challenge that caused them to glue their top lip to their cupid’s bow using eyelash glue. While there haven’t been any fatal consequences, our writer did report an itchy cupid’s bow!

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OMG! Girls on #TikTok are glueing their lips to their cupid's bow for full lips like the Bratz Dolls 🤯 Move over, #kyliejennerchallenge & make way for #lashglue lips. Would you try this? Click the link in bio to find out more about this beauty hack 💋

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Be careful with makeup, ladies. Thankfully, we know a painless, 3-step way you can get plumper-looking lips. No fillers needed! FYI, Likely may earn an affiliate commission from the links below.

1. Scrub and moisturise

Just like your skin, your lips need exfoliating too. Exfoliate that layer of dead skin on your lips with The Face Shop Lip Scrub to reveal a clean, soft pout. Then, use lip balm to keep your lips moisturised. Laneige Lip Glowy Balm should do the trick! Dry lips tend to peel, which means more exfoliating. Let’s break the cycle, shall we?

2. Use a lip plumper

Now that your lips are moisturised, it’s time to add on something that’ll help it appear all plump and bee-stung. Lip plumpers are full of lip-nourishing ingredients, including mint, which will make your lips appear fuller than ever. We personally like Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Plumper for the lips of our dreams! PS: It’s Jeffree Star approved.

3. Finish up with a few layers of gloss

Bring on the glossy layers! Before lip plumpers, there was gloss, so now that we have both, why not make the best of two beautiful products? Layer on some gloss until you’re satisfied with the look of your lips. Try this one by dUCk, Glossip Girl Lip Gloss in Classy Serena. Hello, Instagram lips and goodbye, fillers!