Easy Raya Meals You Can Make At Home If You Celebrate Alone

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Raya feels so much different. Fond memories of kampung loom stronger than ever. Many of us are prevented from heading back for a celebration with the extended family. 

For those who have to remain in the city, the celebration can be salvaged—if you can’t go home, let’s bring home to you! These dishes are also quick and easy to make, while still remaining traditional favourites. Let’s bring the love, bustle and revelry of the festive kampung into your own kitchen. Selamat Hari Raya!

Rendang Daging

Rendang daging is a staple at any Hari Raya open house in Malaysia. Usually made with beef, this dish requires lots of care and patience; the marriage of spices, lemongrass, lime leaves, and beef makes for a scrumptious accompaniment to nasi impit.

Tepung Pelita

This traditional kuih, or snack, is a winning combination of sweet and savoury. Tepung pelita is very popular during this season and can be found in many Ramadan bazaars. Suitably, they sell like hot cakes. Nyonya Cooking has a tutorial for making these goodies, which she calls kuih tako. 

Roti Jala

Also known as Roti Kirai, this Malay crepe is so easy to make and sure to be a hit with the whole family or alone. It is best to consume hot, with a little bit of gravy like chicken curry or beef rendang!

Spiced / Curry Prawn

Great for Hari Raya season! Especially if you’re a seafood and spicy lover. A Nyonya-inspired tweak on your traditional prawn sambal that is quick, simple and downright delicious. 

Ayam Panggang

Who doesn’t love Ayama Panggang? Ayam Panggang is an Indonesian and Malaysian dish, consisting of charcoalgrilled chicken. Ayam bakar literally means “roasted chicken” in Indonesian and Malay. It’s really not that hard to make as well. Yummy!