Drinking This Much Alcohol Daily Can Make You “Hotter”

In bizarre news, drinking alcohol could apparently make you more attractive.

Our traditional parents would probably make a big fuss at the knowledge of you drinking. But before they freak out, let it be known that we’re not talking about getting wasted till’ you can barely stand on your own two feet. It’s all about drinking the right, moderate amount.

Recently, the researchers at Bristol University made a group of SOBER students rate the attractiveness of another group of students (who’ve consumed different levels of alcohol) based on their photos.

Source: SBS

The experiment conducted by Psychologist Jana Van Den Abbeele and her colleagues made 20 men and 20 women rate three photos — in which one group was tasked to drink 250 milliliters of wine (about a third of a bottle) while another had to consume 500 milliliters of wine (about two-thirds of a bottle).

Interestingly, the ones who drank a third of a bottle (250ml) were labeled most attractive. Oh yes, you read that right. Cheers, bb!

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Senior Researcher, Marcus Munafò, who is also a professor of biological psychology at the university said, “It suggests that, if it’s true, people are rated as more attractive once they’ve consumed a small amount of alcohol. But if they go on to consume more alcohol, they’re no longer rated as attractive.”

Based on observation, this phenomenon occurs due to a few factors such as flushed cheeks, dilated pupils and more relaxed facial muscles. On top of that, Professor Munafò added, “Rosiness is attractive because it characterizes good physical health characteristics.”

So there you have it. Thank you, science!