Drama ‘’The Gadis’’ Slammed By Netizens For Promoting Underage Girls & Sugar Daddy Culture

The Gadis—a tv show series which was directed by actress Liyana Jasmay just dropped its curtain last week. 

The drama revolved heavily around a group of girls from a village who wanted to change their lives in the city. However, viewers began to notice that the drama was actually centered around the character Lisa (played by Yuna Rahim) who is a 17 years old SPM student with her ‘’sugar daddy’’ Datuk Jeffri (played by Zain Ruffedge)—after the show ended supposedly showing them live a happy life together. She even confessed to having an affair and in being love with him. Eh? 

And as expected, the drama received widespread criticism from netizens.

 In fact, people are questioning whether the motive behind the drama is to encourage less fortunate teenage girls into dating older men for a shortcut to live a lavish life? Some even criticize Liyana Jasmay herself for a bleak storyline and promoting negative elements to society. However, some even agreed that the story was aired to show a reflection on what’s happening in our society today.

 Here’s a thing, yes true, it is not wrong to produce works that are different from others, but hm.. perhaps the storyline could have a better ending? For us, it should suit the interests of the audience—a story that delivers powerful messages, something that could teach us a lesson especially young girls out there who are still clueless about what ‘’real world’’ are supposed to look like. And do not touch issues that are too sensitive or are accused of making a bad impact on society. Let’s make the world better and safer for young girls! #ProtectEachOther