Dr Yazeed Hairi’s Brutal Response To CMCO Execution, ”We Risked Everything!”

On May 1st last week, Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob addressed a statement that the government will allow most businesses and some social activities to resume—this include sport activities and four in family can travel in one vehicle.

“Stopping work in certain states will lead to major disruptions in the supply chain of goods and services and, at the same time, also impact the livelihood of the rakyat,” said FMM president Soh Thian Lai. Soh said the refusal of states to implement the CMCO could create problems for those who need to travel interstate for work.

It is important that business operations in all states resume concurrently as there are inter-linkages between states

However, the government’s decisions have received tons of backlash from people around the country, especially frontline workers. 

Recently Malaysia’s own Doctor Yazeed Hairi Johari who served as the Founder and Managing Director at Medissa Healthcare Group Sdn Bhd, posted a heartfelt article on his website and Facebook expressing his feelings about this whole CMCO being practiced by Malaysia starting this week. 

He opened his statement with, ‘’First of all, I would like to apologize if my words would offend anyone but I would like to say that I honestly do not agree with PKP (MCO) being lifted—or loosen—this fast. Yes, I understand some business economy sectors have been slowing down ever since we started the first MCO on March 18. True, everyone in Malaysia is financially affected. No one can escape from it—even big companies are paralyzed. I understand all that’’. 

Dr Yazeed has been very vocal regarding some actions taken by the government lately. He also remarked that people even sending him treats and insults over his comments, included ‘’Nak gaji tapi tak ikhlas jadi frontliner?’’ which translates to ‘’You only think about salary but not genuine enough to do your job as a frontliner’’. 

Others also said, ‘’Dah frontliner tu buat jela kerja, tak payah complain’’ which means, ‘’You’re a frontliner, do your job as such. Stop complaining’’. Dr Yazid said, the double digit recorded now, is not the end point. There are still many—especially immigrants—that are not being tested. Foreigners like Rohingya, Nepal, Bangladeshi and Indonesian are still out there who are free to socialize around the country and yet to submit themselves to get tested whether they are positive or negative for COVID-19. Thus, it is impossible for the government to lift or practice MCMO. 

What if they are indeed positive? And they are not being tested, frequently roaming around infecting others. Now, on May 4th they become more free to socialize around?

He added, ‘’We are now in the season of Ramadan, Phase 3 and 4. We, as health workers, work in hot PPE suits all day. We fast, and we sweat all day. We also walk around to treat and filter our patients continuously. Just imagine under the heat of Covis Mass Screening Area. We’re the one who face it every day. Look at the military, police and others who are still working under the scorching sun during the month of Ramadan. And when the PKP (MCO) is slightly lifted, there will be new cases of unwanted clusters. Who’s to blame? Oh yeah forgot, frontliners are here to cure it all.. Right?’’

You eat well, sleep well, spending time relaxing with healthy families at home—and then turn around and become keyboard warriors behind the screens

Halfway through his writing he let out his yearning, ”I really hope there is no such thing as CMCO. I expect it to be tight until 12th of May, no matter the consequences. When new cases drop drastically to single digits, and when we succeed in filtering more people including foreigners, then it is more convincing to lift up the MCO. But nevertheless, this is my only hope. I have no power to change anything. I had to obey’’. 

Imagine frontliners who wear PPE and mask all day can still be infected. I couldn’t imagine people out there who will be free to roam around shopping malls and other things.. Just be careful

He ended his long narrative with, ‘’It’s not that we are not sincere—because we keep complaining—but our lives are exposed to daily infections. We have been working non-stop. We have our family, our own children. Our lives are in danger and we risked everything. Think twice before you say or do something’’. You can read Dr Yazeed’s original text here.