Dr Amalina Breaks The Stereotype Of A “Boring” Doctor

After five intense hours of baby Ainul Mardhiah Ahmad Safiuddin’s tumour-removal operation, we can now be relieved! Thanks to Dr Nur Amalina Che Bakri, who assisted in bringing the 9-month baby to the United Kingdom to undergo the surgery.

The 31-year-old, UK-trained trainee surgeon, used her social media of 465k followers to highlight Ainul’s severe condition. Posting the great news of Ainul’s successful tumour-removal, she said, “Alhamdulillah, Ainul, you’re a strong baby girl! After about 5 hours of battling in theatre, the tumour (weighed 200g) was successfully removed.”

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Alhamdulillah, Ainul, you’re strong baby girl! 😭 After about 5 hours of battling in theatre, the tumour (weighed 200g) was successfully removed. You could not imagine how anxious I was, whilst in theatre. Such a tiny baby, so delicate, so beautiful — “don’t worry baby, everyone is here to help you”. Because it was such a high risk operation, a lot of preparations needed to be done to ensure that baby Ainul would be safe. A lot of planning, a lot of scans, a lot of meetings and a lot of patience. The team included surgeons from various specialties (including craniofacial, plastics and head and neck consultants) led by Prof David Dunway and Mr Juling Ong (also Malaysian-born). They’re very experienced in their own respective field. I was very honoured to be part of the surgical team. Thank you to everyone who made this possible, it was a team effort! Ainul is currently being monitored post-operatively and she’s stable. When I stepped out from theatre and saw Ainul’s parents, I couldn’t control my emotions. It was a mixed feeling, such an emotional journey and an uplifting experience at the same time. Ainul, Wani and Safi are like my own family. Let’s pray for Ainul’s recovery. Thank you for all your prayers. 🙏🏽 (Consent was given by Ainul’s parents for this story to be on IG) @_nrlerwani @ahmadsafiudinn

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Truly, Malaysians everywhere are proud of Dr Amalina’s efforts along with surgeons led by Professor David Dunway and Dr Juling Ong (who’s from Penang btw). But there are so many other reasons to why we love Dr Amalina! Scroll down to see why she holds the definition of a role-model.

1. Once held the title of most 1As scored in SPM 

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That’s right, the Kelantanese-born beauty was the recorded as the most 1As scored in SPM with 17A1 in 2004. That is till it was broken by Azali Idris who broke the record with 20A1s in 2007.

She’s even shared her study tips on Twitter!

2. Breaking the stereotype of what doctors are “supposed” to be like 

Have you seen her Instagram? She’s super -fashionable with Gucci glasses and M.A.C cosmetics in her OOTD! Totally proving that you can still experiment with fashion and be a doctor.

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Look up the sky, you will never find rainbows if you’re looking down. Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do for you. You will save yourself a lot of mental energy which can be used to push you towards success — I am me, you are you, you can’t make me do what you do. You do you. Dress: @ekaterina.kukhareva 📸: @ajaymittalphoto #workhardplayharder #londonluxury #bigcitylife #londonluxurylifestyle #ilooklikeasurgeon #productivity #independentwomencan #ekaterinakukhareva

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Talk about beauty with brains! #surgeonbydayglamsquadbynight

3. Nominated for Instafamous Award 2018 – Most Stylish category

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It’s a no wonder as to why she’s was nominated to be in the Most Stylish category. She’s always dressed in beautiful outfits against majestic sceneries. You can totally vote for her if you’re a fan!

4. Helped treat victims of terrorist attacks 

Dr Amalina was one of the doctors who helped treat victims of terrorist attacks at Westminster in March and the London Bridge in June 2017.

5. She has traveled to about 60 countries 

Oh yeah, she definitely knows how to work hard and play harder! She spends her time mostly travelling around Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and many more.

Well, she’s definitely not your average next door girl but a role model for us to look up in awe. We are definitely proud of you and thank you for being an inspiration to all!