Dr Amalina Bakri Slams ”Papagomo” On Twitter, Giving Him 8 Things To Remember

Not too long ago, our Health Minister Dr Adham Baba recommended drinking warm water as a way to fight a Covid-19 infection. However, his recommendation was quickly refuted by the likes of trainee surgeon Dr Amalina Che Bakri, who later issued a statement from the World Health Organization (WHO) about drinking water.

Unsatisfied with Dr Amalina’s explanation, ”Papagomo” or his real name, Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, who is also known with the moniker Sir Azri online, had taken to Facebook live saying that Amalina is a trainee doctor who is young and new to the field, compared to Dr Adham who is far more experienced.

“To me, Dr Amalina is still young, she doesn’t know about the current situation today, she is not part of the tense situation today.”

Amalina however was having none of it and took to her Twitter account and responded to his accusations in a series of tweets—and gave Azri eight things to remember.

“Mr Azri, first I want to ask you not to politicize health issues. Second, I am 33, not 20. Third, I work as a Specialist Registrar instead of a practical doctor”

“Fourth, I work in a hospital and treat COVID-19 patients at my place of work. There is no need for me to show my CV or compare who has more experience”

“Fifth, the ethics of medical doctors say we need to follow evidence-based medicine when making statements”

“Sixth, the statement I make is not my own but it is the recommendation of WHO and from virology and microbiologists from around the world” 

“Seventh, enough for you and your friends to tag me here, please move on”

“Eighth, I didn’t say I didn’t drink water, I said drinking water is good for hydration. But I just corrected the facts,” Dr. Practice again”

Papagomo has since deleted the tweet and posted an apology to Dr Amalina.