Don’t Let Go Of Your Man If He Has These Traits! He May Be Mr Right

Human beings are obsessed with perfection. The need for every aspect of our lives to be perfect – our personal lives, our relationships, our jobs – creates a whole lot of chaos within us that is, frankly, an extinguisher for perfection. And when we rely solely on our minds or exclusively on our hearts for decision making (rather than finding a good balance between logic and emotion) we tend to under or overestimate the worth of the people around us. So, rather than looking for “The Perfect Person”, you need to be looking for the perfect person for you. These traits are the traits that all good partners should have –


He remembers important details (and dates!)

Someone who loves you will love you for everything you are. It may sound cliché but it’s the bonafide truth. He will love you for your habits, your strengths, your weaknesses, your flaws, your direction in life. He will remember the way you chew, how you like your coffee, your favourite item on the menu of your favourite restaurant. He will remember important days like anniversaries and birthdays.  And this is important because the age-old argument that couples have over whether or not its important to remember your anniversary has a sound basis. A partner that remembers important dates is a partner that is paying attention, puts effort into being detailed, and cares. When you meet a person who is willing to store that information in their brain – which is probably already juggling 509235 other different information – then you know that this person is truly interested in your life together and your life as his/her partner.



He is a great inspiration

Forget the idea that it is the man’s job to be the head of the family. In this day and age, it should be mutual responsibility and the right man will be a respectful pillar of support. He should be supporting you in your efforts towards your goals, steering you down the right path with advice so that you don’t go astray and be a shoulder for you to lean on. Of course, this works vice versa  – you need to do the same for him too. He will be someone that motivates you and someone you can motivate with uplifting words and his own actions.



He works hard for himself, for you and for your future together

For most people, dating is the first step towards marriage. For others, even if marriage is not for them, the person they date is the person that they see potential in (be it as a lifelong partner or a best friend with more physical benefits). So a Mr Right is someone who works hard for their own future while also discussing and working towards your collective future as a couple and/or as partners. If it’s too soon to bring up ‘marriage’ or your future as a pair, you can always test the waters by checking in with your partner – Where does he see himself in 5/10 years? What does he want to achieve? What are his short them goals? What are his long term goals? Then, you can also share your own opinions, feelings and goals. This way, you can build a vision for yourself, for him, and maybe even a vision for yourselves together.



He is willing to admit his mistakes

No one likes to admit that they’ve made a mistake. It’s embarrassing and often, we feel like admitting that we’ve made a mistake will ruin our image or our value in the eyes of the other party.  This misconception often leaves us feeling as if admitting our mistakes is a form of vulnerability. As such, men who admit their mistakes and take accountability are not only being vulnerable showing that they are willing to be vulnerable with you, it shows that they are willing to learn, improve and grow from their mistakes.



He is forgiving and accepts your weakness

A lot of the time, we focus so much on our partner’s shortcomings that we sometimes forget that we ourselves are not perfect. Alternatively, there are people who are so focused on their own shortcomings that they don’t realise they may be jeopardizing a good relationship. However, Mr Right will be able to recognise which side of the coin you happen to be on and will help either: a) realise your shortcomings in a constructive way so you can both work together to improve and or compromise or b) support you and nurture your self-acceptance and self-love through patience, understanding and a healthy dose of love.



He’s protective

The benefits of having someone that you trust and love by your side is the feeding of safety that you get. Mr Right should make you feel as safe in his arms as you feel in your own home. They should be protecting you from harm. However, don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t mean that they should be going out there and physically beating up anyone who treats you badly. No, Mr Right will protect you from emotional, mental and physical harm through his words as well as his actions. He is someone you can trust to lead you through the world if you were to suddenly find yourself lost or without your five sense. His love, care and effort is enough for you to know that you can depend on him.



Even with all this, at the end of the day, it’s up to you which trait you find most important in a partner (based on your love language). It’s important to know that even if your guy lacks a trait or two, don’t fret! No one is perfect and all that matters is that Mr Right is right for you.