Don’t Freak Out, This Is Why You’re Losing Hair In Your 20s

Is it just us or have your girls been complaining about hair loss too? Seriously it’s freaking us out! We know it’s common to get grey hair in our 20s but hair loss? NOPE.

We hop in the shower, wash our hair clean and to our horror, we’re shedding way more hair than usual! Between zero money in our bank accounts or choosing to eat that delicious slice of chocolate cake that might just add another tummy lump, we certainly do not need another quarter-life crisis.

Hair loss can be due to many, many reasons but these are the most common causes.

1. Your hair might just be naturally shedding 

Your hair has a cycle – it grows, rests, falls and regenerates. You can lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day. As long your isn’t thinning or balding, you have nothing to worry about!

2. Hormonal changes 

Are we like even surprised at this anymore? We kind of saw it coming. Some women are just way more sensitive to hormonal changes. From menstrual cycle to birth control pills and even pregnancy.

Fun fact, high levels of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy can make your hair smoother but once you’ve given birth, estrogen and progesterone drop dramatically, which leads to hair fall.

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Stress makes everything worse. If you’re experiencing chronic stress, this can prematurely make your hair into a resting phase because of a hormone called cortisol. This hormone is produced during stress and slows the hair cycle. The next time you’re stress with strands of hair stuck in your shower’s drainage, take a deep breath!
4. Sudden change of diet
Your diet could make or break your hair! That’s a lot of pressure but unfortunately, it does. Your hair needs energy to grow, hence if you’re not consuming sufficient amounts of protein, iron, vitamins and fatty acids, your hair will fall!
5. Medical conditions
If you’re not stressed, have a healthy diet, nothing bizarre on the hormonal side yet you’re experiencing major hair fall, you definitely seek professional help. Not to scare you but it could indicate a sign of illness! Make an appointment with your doctor for a consultation.