Don’t F*** With The Queen! Meghan Markle Just Hired Princess D’s Former Lawyer

Meghan Markle’s lawsuit against Associated Newspapers barely began last Friday, but so much has already come to light. And after learning so much more about the supposed interactions among Meghan, Thomas Markle, and Prince Harry surrounding the 2018 royal wedding, it’s now clear that Meghan hired Princess Diana’s former lawyer to represent her in this case. Related article: 10 Meghan Markle Outfit Ideas For Girls Who Prefer Minimalism On Date Night

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In case you only have an iota of mental space for this lawsuit, just know that Meghan is suing the publishers of the Mail on Sunday for publishing an edited version of a letter she sent to her dad in 2018. Meghan claimed the letter was edited with the intent of damaging her reputation and alleged the publisher misused her private information and violated copyrights, so here we are.

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According to the media and communications law firm 5RB, Meghan selected David Sherborne to represent her. Specifically, the firm wrote, “He is also acting for HRH The Duchess of Sussex in her misuse of private information, breach of data protection, and infringement of copyright action against Associated Newspapers.”

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“What’s so special about David Sherbone,” you may ask? Well, he is a big-time attorney with reputable clients for days. (Check him out in action here.) He represented Meghan’s late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, and the likes of the Spice Girls, Paul McCartney, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Elton John, Harry Styles—the list goes on and on. 

Now, with a powerhouse legal team behind her, it’ll definitely be interesting to see how Meghan fares in this lawsuit.