Don’t Always Expect “Perfect” Dates In LDR

Long-distance relationships suck. Let’s be honest on that. It’s really, freaking hard too. Your dates include FaceTime, emoji sexts and late night phone calls. You probably only see each other once a month or maybe once a year. Ouch! Then again, after being apart from each other for so long, wrapping yourself in your partner’s arm feels so good again. Before you realize it, it’s time for that crappy good bye again.

If you’ve never had an LDR before and the both of you are about to be separated for the very first time, don’t worry! Here’s what you can do to help strengthen your relationship and brace yourselves for what’s about to come.

Couples so often panic and opt for a “time out” when the issue of distance arises. You really don’t want to though, but somehow you feel, you might not be able to actually do LDR. Before you jump into conclusions, keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to take a chance. You never know till’ you’ve tried! Who knows, the both of you may just have enough love to conquer LDR.
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2. Get ready for an emotional roller-coaster ride
The first year in LDR is probably the rockiest. You’re still getting used to being far apart from each other, settling into each others own spaces and schedules. Try to understand what the other is going through. Making adjustments is never easy! For example, if your partner suddenly can’t make it for that scheduled FaceTime with you because they’ve got plans with their new friends, don’t be pissed. Instead, understand that they are trying to fit into a new social group. The key is to be supportive!
3. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a calendar! 
Use it as a guide more than a mandatory timetable. Having a calendar is great for LDR as it’ll help to sync both you and your partner’s activities and schedules.  Kind of like setting up a date, book each other’s time so it’ll be convenient to talk to each other.
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4. Don’t expect perfection at every date-visit  
You see each other often, but that doesn’t mean perfect dates when you finally do. It’s easy to have high expectations but we have to realise that it’s okay if things don’t go our way. If your date gets ruined because of period during your stay with your partner, don’t worry about it. Should you have an argument during your one year visit, it’s alright, the most important thing is to settle the issue before leaving. Deal with it as you would if you both lived together. You don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on yourselves.
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5. Do have an end plan in mind
Some couples stay in LDRs for years and do not know what their end goal is! Will the person come back to where you are? Should you plan to move instead? How long will this last? The list goes on. Make it a point to discuss everything you need to know before committing to that person who isn’t going to be there when you need them to physically. Best to actually talk it out before the big move.