Dogfishing Is The Latest Way To Attract Partners On Dating Apps

The latest millennial (or dating apps) trend happens to involve our very best friends, and we’re not sure if it’s such a good idea.

Ladies, have you ever swiped right on your dating app if the guy has a photo with a cute dog on his profile? If you have, you’re not alone. Most of us have done so and it looks like there will be more pics of guys with their dogs coming up. First of all, we want to say, “Cuteness!”

Except that in the latest dating trend of dogfishing, people pose with pooches to attract partners. Yep, you read that right. Pets attract people, and isn’t that the actual truth?

What is dogfishing?

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Millennials on Instagram tend to pose with their pets, a lot. Especially with their dogs, who tend to be more willing posers than cats. Some people pose with their friends’ pets for pictures, and if you’re lucky, the guy who is dogfishing you has a pooch of his own. Otherwise, the dogfisher has a lot of explaining to do. Interestingly enough, dogfishing tends to refer to those who borrow pets for this purpose, and not pet owners themselves.

Why do people dogfish?

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According to Mirror UK, some people fake dog ownership because it suggests that a person has nurturing qualities. Some people equate the way a person treats his or her dog to how this person treats their partner.

Meanwhile, people with pets tend to appear more responsible and mature, which are qualities that can be attractive to a potential partner. This, coupled with the ambiguity surrounding dating apps, would paint a false perception of the dogfisher – especially if the pooch isn’t theirs to begin with.

What if you’re attracted to a dogfisher?

With that being said, just because your potential dating app partner dogfishes, it doesn’t mean that he or she is a bad person. However, people who dogfish tend to portray a ‘friendly’ or ‘responsible’ image, and that could be far from the truth, especially if they’re already aware of it and dogfish for that purpose. The point is, if it’s not his dog, he’s definitely trying too hard. If your match is a true pet owner, you’re probably safe.