Do You Know What’s The Right Age To Use Anti-Aging Products?

We invest in plenty of skincare products just to take care of our face complexion. From serum to oils and creams, there is plenty for us to choose from.

Some of us spend more than RM 500++ on just a product, all just so we don’t get wrinkles on our skin. Remember when you freaked out upon discovering that tiny, thin line of wrinkle? That you’d Google anti-aging products instantly!

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But when exactly should you start using anti-aging products? Dermatologists say in your 20s

The explanation is pretty simple when you start using anti-aging products into your skincare routine at an early age, your skin will be less damaged.

Even if “age spots” have yet to form, it’s still better to take preventive measures!

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Why you should start in your 20s?
Although 30s would seem like the ideal age to start incorporating anti-aging products to your routine, it could be a little too late. By then, there’ll be noticeable signs of skin aging. This is when you start figuring out what works best on your skin

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If you start only in your 40s…
You’re in big trouble! When you’re in your 40s, you should be using heavy formulated skin aging products to combat loss of skin elasticity and wrinkles.
Start using emollient moisturiser and products that contain higher levels of antioxidants. But better late than never right?

Now you know when to start, the challenge is to figure what works best for your skin type

From extremely oily skin to dry, flaky skin, you should always check the ingredients in any skincare products.

Oily skin, avoid oil-based products. If you have dry skin, refrain from using oil-based products too because it leaves a layer of oil on your skin and doesn’t blend in. Hence, irritating your skin!

Fun fact: A cheaper anti-aging product option for you is sunscreen, safe enough for you to use even in your teens! Constant use of sunscreen helps to prevent skin problems that can occur later on due to sun exposure.