World Toilet Day: Annoying Habits That People Should Stop Repeating

In case you missed it, today marks the 18th installment of World Toilet Day! Yes, you read that right, it is a real celebration which happens every year on 19th November, as a global movement to stress on the importance of toilets and sanitation for all.

Having a clean toilet is essential, since it helps human faeces to be treated and not contaminate the water and soil that sustains human life. Sometimes, we take for granted toilets for granted and misuses the luxury of clean toilets. So if you have access to a pristine toilet with sufficient flow of water, you should consider yourself lucky because 4.5 billion people in the world are still living without a safe and clean toilet which is free of germs.

It’s time we learn how to take care of our washrooms with these basic toilet etiquette, so that it’s always clean and comfortable for us to enjoy.

Place the bidet back after use

A privilege of Asian toilets is, we have bidets in every cubicle and our worst nightmare is probably going to toilet with a spoiled pipe. What’s worse, some people don’t even hang it back up and leave the pipe lying on the wet floor which will make it dirty and disgusting for the next person to use. Be a responsible user by placing the pipe back on the wall after using, or you’ll risk being labelled as an uncivilised person.

No tissue paper in the toilet bowl

A common habit that most of us are guilty of is to throw tissue paper into the toilet bowl. Although this action is encouraged in Western countries, unfortunately, it is a big NO-NO in Malaysia because it may eventually clog the toilet bowl’s drain. Once you’re done wiping your butt, be sure to throw it into the bin.

Dispose sanitary pads appropriately

Ladies, if you’re in that time of the month, please dispose your pad or tampon into sanitary bins whenever you use public washrooms. Never ever flush your pads down a toilet bowl because as mentioned above, it will clog up the bowl. Remember to also wrap your sanitary pads before throwing the pads to prevent any funky smell from spreading around the area.

Leave no footprints on the toilet seat

Or just don’t squat on a sitting toilet, period. If you choose to pee on a sitting toilet, then you should sit, otherwise go ahead and use the squatting toilet instead. Not only does it make the lower part of your body tense, but squatting on a ceramic or porcelain toilet seat can harm you, as it may not support the entire body weight. Plus, squatting on a toilet seat will leave footprints behind and unpleasant for the next person to use. Please guys, don’t do it.

Wipe, wipe and wipe till’ clean

After peeing, take a tissue and clean up those little yellow drops on the seat. We all love a good clean seat before using it and it’s definitely no fun at all to clean after the last person who’ve used it. So the next time you leave behind drops of pee, wipe it clean. It’s yours, anyway.

Keep the poop to yourself

It’s for your eyes and your eyes only. Not one wants to know the colour, size and shape of your poop. Keep your business to yourself by flushing it until there’s nothing left. Sure, we love surprises but this isn’t one of them. It’s a complete turnoff.

Using the toilet for too long

This probably only happens in women’s toilet, as our clothing often take longer to unfasten, remove and replace. And then there are those who wear three or more layers, for practical or fashion purposes (or both). However, no matter how many clothing items are on you, remember that cubicles require more space than urinals, which means that fewer women can use them at one time.