Do Pimple Patches Actually Work Or Is It All Bull?

I’ve never used a pimple patch before in my life, only because I rarely get pimples. Hence, when one of the Likely girls, Liyana aka Likely’s social media PIC started using pimple patches, it made me wonder, does it really work?

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Let’s talk about what pimple patches are?

Sometimes referred to as acne healing patches, it’s a small, translucent sticker that sticks to a pimple or breakout.

How do they work? 

Contain healing properties 

If you didn’t know, pimple patches are a type of hydrocolloid dressing, which has been used in the medical world for a long time for proper wound healing by absorbing excess fluid, oil and dirt from inside the breakout.

Prevents you from poking your pimples 

For all you itchy hands, pimple patches are a lifesaver! It helps you to not touch your face too much and from scratching the zit.

But, it really depends on the type of pimples

Pimple patches work best for smaller breakouts that aren’t so chronic. For example, small whiteheads, cystic lesions and pustules. If you have blackheads and congested pores, it might not do anything to your skin.

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Choose the right pimple patch based on your skin type 

For oily skin especially, use a product that includes a skin cleanser in the package as it’ll help to disinfect the pimple and around its area. Once applied, allow your skin to dry then stick on the pimple patch. This is also great to use when you have period acne because it protects the skin from clogged pores and bacteria caused by sebum.

Pimple patches are suitable for sensitive skin too because it doesn’t dry out the skin, leaving it flaky like classic acne spot treatments that contain salicylic and benzoyl peroxide.

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