Are Women Too Emotional & Sensitive? We Asked M’sian Men

Women have always been perceived as the weaker species as compared to men. But is this really true?

Are we not great leaders because we are “emotional” human beings? With this year’s International Women’s Day theme #BalanceforBetter, we asked Malaysian men on what equality means to them and how we can make it a better place for all.

1. Hafiz Hatim – Radio Announcer 

“Equality is when all men and women get the same opportunities in whatever they pursue without being judged based on their gender, race, sexuality or background. I hate it when people say, “If girls can do it, you should too.” Some girls are stronger than some men. Why must a female ‘label’ be associated to all things weak?”

2. Aster Kyle G. – Co-Founder of Brand Stickman Asia Ventures and Universal Music Artiste, Back2Basixx 

“I think, women definitely have an equal opportunity to be in top management. I would like to believe that in any industry it would be the same. Women have the power and capabilities to be whoever they’d like to be in this life. The world is never gonna be fair for anyone but it’s what you’d like to make out of it. If the world is not gonna change, then you do. If it seems unfair in the workplace, do what you have to do and when you get there, change things around.”

3. Bibo Aswan, Photographer

Equality in my opinion is when everyone gets the same treatment in whatever they’re doing. No one gets judged because of who they are, their job or their past. In terms of stereotypes, I don’t think I’ve heard any stereotypes on women in the photography industry, we have quite a lot of great female photographers in KL. We have the great Bonnie Yap, Nadirah Zakaria, Zhonglin and Raisa Azzam to name a few! I think the industry itself is transforming and becoming more female driven.

4. Sam Shern – F&B Manager 

“I think one of the common stereotypes of women is that they are afraid to pursue after what they want; be it in their career or personal life. There are many ways that we can alter the general perception of this kind of stereotype.

Men can be educated with facts and real life stories about how some women managed to climbed far up the corporate ladder and be in the position that they have always wanted to be. Or perhaps, hearing a true life story from their personal female friend about how they pursue after the things they wanted in life will help too.”

5. Christopher Williams – Event Planner 

“Equality to me means that there are no specific gender roles that men or women have to play and a person regardless of sex should be given the same opportunities, rights and responsibilities.

I believe women are just as capable as men especially in areas such as politics and business where they are minorities in terms of numbers and this mindset can be changed and is slowly changing as women are starting to prove themselves by making themselves and their contributions known to the masses.”

6. Aiman Attar – Content Producer 

“Equality is the freedom of everyone practiced in any endeavor they wish for.

Lingering stereotype on women that they cannot give their best effort and time in business and career due to pregnancy leaves, emotional instability, and general female fallacy on them being dedicated home makers. This mindset is archaic as time goes by, we are gifted by advanced technology and methodology to learn knowledge.

With education, women are able to learn career profession thus they can work as good as their male counterpart. Hence, everyone should realise that gender has nothing to do with performance to one’s career and country.”

7. Amir Eshkak – Photographer

“Equality is about balancing everything no matter if it’s fair or not. The common stereotypes on women is that women are too emotional and sensitive; women can’t be a leader or a decision-maker as they will mix everything with emotions.

We should change this perception by acknowledging that women has a strong mental health as men. Women are capable to make great decisions and become a great leader because they have emotions. Mothers raise us right because she was caring. This is not a weakness, but a great strength.”

8. Jimmy – Bassist Payslip Band & Audio Engineering 

“Equality for me is where men and women receive equal treatment, opportunities, compensation and privileges. The stereotypes are many, and these are usually held by people who have not opened up to the idea of gender equality. From having the opinion that women belong in the kitchen to thinking that it’s the men who has to be the main provider of the family, gender stereotypes can only be eradicated once we, the people, change how we view gender equality.”

9. Ronnie Jupiter – Singer/Songwriter/Performer

“Equality in the context of gender to me is mutual support, respect and understanding for one another. One of the many stereotypes I’ve witnessed is how traits such as being too emotional and sensitive – traits commonly associated with women are considered as a major weakness when exhibited by a man. Toxic masculinity paints a bad picture that suggests being a woman would be an inferior thing, disregarding the fact that to feel, simply makes us human regardless of gender.

When it comes to change, I truly feel that it’s the most effective when done tastefully through entertainment and art, which is what we are seeing now. The celebration of strong women that could stand tall next to strong men who acknowledge them, both in real life and in fiction is truly inspiring