Disney Should’ve Casted These ”Aladdin’s” Instead

Finally, a blue Will Smith Genie! A trailer for Disney’s upcoming live action adaptation of Aladdin aired during the 2019 Grammy’s which showcased everyone’s wish, Will Smith in blue, just like the original animated Genie. However, while everyone’s busy buzzing about how amazingly real Will Smith look as a Genie, we can’t help but focus our attention to Aladdin instead.

When details of the cast were released, the internet went crazy for Jaafar, played by Marwan Kenzari — and NOT Aladdin, played by Mena Massoud. We can totally understand why.

We’ve re-watched the latest trailer again and again and again. Somehow, the cute, mischief street rat in the animated version did not click with the live-action Aladdin.

Don’t get us wrong, Mena Massoud is fine, but he doesn’t exactly have the baby-face that Aladdin has. Perhaps if Disney had casted these potential street rats instead, maybe our Aladdin’s dream crush would have come true.

1. Aryan Khan (Warning: You may start drooling from his super-gorgeous looks) 

Source: Instagram

We died a little inside. He is just too perfect. From the grin to his eyebrows — they really do look alike!

2. Shahid Kapoor 

Look at the way they gaze, it’s exactly the same… All Shahid need is to smirk just a little. Plus, look at that bod!

3. Avan Jogia 

Okay, Avan totally looks like Aladdin and all he really needs right now is a hat. Oh, such beautiful hazel brown eyes!

4. Deniz Akdeniz


He’s been there, done that! Akdeniz has played Aladdin in Once Upon A Time and did a pretty good job too.

Alas, we can’t wait for the premiere of Aladdin on May 24th, 2019. Will Mena Massoud be able to steal our hearts with the essence of Aladdin? Can’t wait to find out.


  • Cloudy


    There’s was no other person that should’ve been casted Mena was perfect

    2 August 2019
  • Mystique


    Mena Massoud was perfect as Aladdin. He even sounded quite similar to the voice artist of Aladdin in the animated movie. Apart from Avan Jogia, none of the other actors here are suitable. I mean Aryan Khan and Shahid Kapoor Seriously? What were you smoking when writing this article?

    3 September 2019
  • Claudia


    Yeah I hate the 2019 version the “Aladdin guy sucks “ this movie is a joke

    23 October 2019