What Does Your Vagina Smell Like? (& What It Means For Your Health)

Ahh, what is it like to have a vagina that smells like flowers? Most women wouldn’t know, because that scent is just not natural.

However, our vagina’s scent differs from one another, and sometimes, they change.

What do these smells mean? Let’s see if you should get your naturally-scented vagina checked out.

1. “My vagina smells… like copper.”

If your vagina smells like copper a.k.a. a 50-sen coin, you probably have nothing to worry about. The reason your girl down there smells like copper would possibly be due to blood, such as light bleeding after sex or menstruation. To prevent light bleeding after sex, use lots of lube.

However, if the coppery scent continues long after your period, and you’re experiencing itching/ uncommon discharge, it’s best to seek a doctor.

2.  “My vagina smells… like fish.”

If your vagina smells like fish, it could be caused by bacterial vaginosis, which is a common cause of vaginal infection for women between the ages of 15 and 44. Symptoms include green or grey vaginal discharge, a foul fishy odour and vaginal itching. Please consult a doctor immediately.

3. “My vagina smells… like weed.”

So, if your vagina smells like Mary J, you could be really stressed (as opposed to the effects of marijuana). The sweat glands around your vagina are working overtime, hence it produces a milky fluid, which makes contact with the vaginal bacteria in your vulva, and creates a pungent aroma.

4. “My vagina smells… like ammonia.”

If your vagina smells like ammonia, it could be caused by urea, a byproduct of urine. A buildup of urea around your underwear area could create the smell of ammonia – however, it’s also a sign of dehydration, especially if the scent is particularly strong. Drink more fluids, darling.