Did You Know? Keeping Your Crush A Secret Can Be Bad For You

Having a crush on someone can be a queer feeling. Your heart flutters when you meet him, but does his heart do the same when he catches a glimpse of you?

You’ll never know, and neither will he, because we don’t usually tell our crushes that we get all ~ anime heart eyes ~ when we see them. However, keeping your crush a secret can be bad for you, yes you!

If no-one knows about your crush and you keep him away in your heart, it’s probably not a good sign, and here’s why.

You may have unrealistic fantasies about your crush

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The more you fantasize about your crush, your expectations of him soon become increasingly unrealistic. You paint a picture of this guy in your head – and maybe he’s not that perfect after all. If someone else likes you, you may not give him a proper chance and risk comparing the new guy to this fantasy crush of yours – who may not even like you back. We’re sorry, but someone had to break it to you.

It may disrupt your daily routine

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Okay, so most of us have had crushes before and we can become super socially awkward around the guy we like. Like, what gives? You may start to actively haunt the places your crush frequents, whether it’s at your workplace or outside. It’s only best if one person professes their likeness for the other, otherwise, you may be stuck in the unfortunate limbo of, “He loves me, he loves me not.”

So, what’s the solution?

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It doesn’t sound ideal but if thinking about your crush disrupts your daily routine, put on your big girl boots and confess to him. One good thing about confessing is that it answers most of your initial questions and qualms. Who knows – maybe your crush has noticed you and likes you back. If he doesn’t like you back, it may sound mortifying, but at least you can move on and not have him plague your thoughts any more.