Dermatologists Warn That Pore Strips Could Damage Your Skin

Pore strips. They’re both gross yet so satisfying! All those gunk pulled out from the strips somehow makes you feel good that your nose is now free from blackheads! But should you really use pore strips? Let’s see what dermatologists have to say about it.

What are pore strips?  

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Pore strips are adhesive strips that have the ability to remove buildup from pores like dead skin cells, dirt, hair, oil and of course, blackheads. That’s what we’re all crazy about, anyways!

But are pore strips causing more harm than good to your skin? 

1. Tear or injure the skin 

A common myth about pore strips is that using these strips can break your capillaries. Most dermatologists agree on this! However, it can tear or injure the skin because let’s be real, it feels like the strip is glued to your skin. When pulling it off, proceed with caution!

2. You could be sensitive to it 

Craig Kraffert, MD, dermatologist and founder of Amarte Skincare tells Refinery29, “It could further irritate or harm sensitive, sunburned, or acne-prone skin.” Best to avoid pore strips at all cost if you have sensitive skin or with eczema. Aso if rashes start to pop on your skin, discontinue immediately!

3. They won’t reduce pore size or prevent blackheads 

While Allure wrote, Shari Marchbein, a New York City-based dermatologist notes that you will need to repeatedly use pore strips at least once or twice a week. Otherwise, it could quickly get clogged again! She says, “Pore strips can help (very) temporarily to improve the appearance of pores, but there is no permanent change or improvements to the skin achieved with such a strip.”

Any effective alternatives? 

Kraffert suggests using benzoyl peroxide and AHAs. He adds, “These ingredients work best when they are part of a pleasant regimen that is fun and easy to use, as strict ongoing compliance with an anti-blackhead regimen is essential and, people being people, if it isn’t fun, it might not get done.”

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