4 Expert-Approved Steps To Improve Your Hair

We think of dermatologists as ‘skin doctors’ but they are pretty much experts in terms of hair health too.

Got dandruff? See a derm. Some days, your hair seems to be thriving and other days, it can look limp, tired and wan.

Healthy hair would shed approximately 150 strands a day – so don’t worry if your hair seems to shed normally. If you want to take care of your hair optimally, here are 4 dermatologist-approved steps to improve your luscious locks.

1. Reduce heat-styling

Overdoing on heat-styling can eventually take a toll on your hair and scalp health. This includes blow-drying and heat-styling with tools like flat iron and heated curlers. According to Dr Ainah Tan, Board Certified Dermatologist from DuPage Medical Group,

“These practices induce bubbles and breaks in the hair that can decrease lustre and actually cause hair breakage.”

2. Try keratin treatments

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Keratin isn’t just a protein meant to create a smoother hair texture, it can actually make your hair more resilient to weather tough hair days. Salon-approved keratin treatments can also thicken hair and improve its overall appearance.

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3. Listen to your hair

Different people’s hair types behave differently, so you may not have to wash your hair every day. In fact, washing your hair every single day may cause it to lose essential oils and moisture that your scalp actually needs. However, Dr Ainah Tan notes that there’s nothing wrong with washing your hair daily.

“Increased frequency of hair washing does not cause increased hair loss. Everyone’s scalp is different and has different washing needs.”

4. Eat foods rich in vitamin D and iron

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It’s not just the outside that matters, what you eat makes your hair too. A diet rich in nutrients, the important ones anyway, will greatly improve the health of your hair follicles, and then yay – great hair days every day! Make sure you eat a diet rich in Vitamin D, iron and leafy vegetables to strengthen your hair, as these are the ingredients often found in hair supplements.