Being A Meat-Eater Doesn’t Mean That You Don’t Love Nature

I love eating meat. You name it, beef, chicken, pork, not so much fish. But I do have one thing to say – I LOVE ANIMALS TOO. That’s right, just because you eat meat, it does not mean that you don’t love animal.

Grilled Meat With Corn

It’s the circle of life 

Being a meat eater, I believe that this is the way of life and how nature works. It’s an ecosystem, after all. Carnivores eat meat, herbivore consumes only plant while omnivore gets the best of both worlds – fortunately, humans fall into that category!

Person Holding Bitten Burger

Just because we’re not vegans, does not mean we should be demonized for eating meat

While we do enjoy our share of delicious meat, we also thank the animals for being the source of protein. I know sometimes we feel sorry for eating meat after learning of the dark side of unethical farming practices. Where animals are mistreated in this intensive farming or known as factory farming. This is where animals usually live in dirty and overcrowded spaces and their well-being is not being taken cared of.

If so, you can always opt organic meat like Aqina Organic Kampung Chicken.

Selective Focus Photography of White and Tan Shih Tzu Puppy Carrying by Smiling Woman

We do NOT support animal abuse 

Of any sort! Honestly, some vegans could be so harsh to meat eaters by labeling us as “cruel”. In fact there are other ways which we show our support in caring for animals.

For instance, we share the values as any vegans out there in believing that all animals have the right to live without the abuse. We do not like reading about humans torturing dogs, say no to elephant rides and whatever harm that can befall to animals.

So yes, one does not need to be a vegan or vegetarian to love animals. You can still appreciate nature even if you’re a meat eater.