Dear Parents, It’s OK To Enjoy Your Own Money

As a mom or a dad, it’s no doubt that your children come first, always. You probably didn’t think twice before treating yourself to a makeover before your baby arrived.

Now you find yourself feeling guilty whenever you want something because the money could have funded your child’s healthcare, needs, or something similar. Raising a child may be joyful, but it’s also pretty darn expensive.

A survey found that most parents and parents-to-be suffer from anxiety due to the fear of not having enough and overwhelming guilt about their spending habits. But as a parent, it’s OK to be generous to yourself with your money, and here’s why.

The reality is you have children…

… and they’re little critters that need things. You’ll never be done providing for your kids, maybe not even after they graduate, judging by the state of the economy. Children don’t truly know the value of money until they actually come out to work for it. Some parents can attempt to teach them the value of money, but honestly, raising a child can cost up to RM1 million from the time of their birth until university.

Here’s the truth: parents give up something to get their child something that they want.


Parents feel guilty about spending on themselves simply because their child takes priority over everything else. After paying for household essentials, even if you’re a couple with double income, you’ll find that there’s not much left.

You don’t have to give in to your child’s whims all the time. Some parents encourage their children to save up their allowance for luxuries like toys, and this teaches children the value of money. Others will use their child’s duit raya or angpao to pay for necessities like school uniforms and school fees. You can reward your children in other ways, such as with playtime or reading a book to them.

Taking care of your well-being is not a luxury

It’s an essential part of being a good parent. You don’t want to feel overwhelmingly guilty all the time and project it onto your children later in life. As a parent, you may need a break from your child sometimes, and it’s totally OK to treat yourself to a manicure, a facial, or some new clothes. You need to know you’re worth it and remember how to be yourself. It’s your decision to keep yourself happy.

It’s okay to buy special gifts for your child once in a while, but don’t forget about your own well-being too.