Dating The Same Circle Of Friends? You May Be A ‘Homie Hopper’

Have you ever done this thing where you dated one guy, broke up with him, and now you’re dating his friend?

Forget about the bro code, you’re a ‘homie hopper.’ FYI, a ‘homie hopper’ can be either a girl or a guy that hooks up/ dates from one person or another within the same group of friends.

Maybe you loved your ex once, but his friend was so much more charming. Maybe you’re getting a little too comfortable with your partner’s friends. Either way, here are a few signs you could be a ‘homie hopper’ or at least, dating one.

Signs you may be a ‘homie hopper’

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1. You’ve dated more than one person in the same group of friends

It’s not your fault that you fell for your ex’s best friend even though you had no intention too. Anyway, if you’ve dated more than one guy in the same friendship group, you could be considered as a ‘homie hopper.’

2. You have had a crush on almost everyone in the group

You can’t help it if everyone in the group is equally charming and good looking! If you’ve had a crush on almost everyone (or at least, every guy) in the same friendship circle, and acted upon it, you’re probably a ‘homie hopper.’

3. You’ve dated someone just to get his friend to notice you

Have you ever accepted a date in order to go out someone else, a.k.a. his cuter friend? Well, if you’ve done that, welcome to the ‘homie hopper’ club.

‘Homie hoppers’ are not cheaters

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‘Homie hoppers’ may get a bad rep but just because you or your partner happens to date in the same circle of friends, it doesn’t mean that he/ she is a cheater. On the contrary, ‘homie hoppers’ do not cheat because they understand the value of friendship. They only date one person within the friendship circle at one time. For example, ‘homie hoppers’ tend to give about a year before pursuing their ex’s best friend.

Will ‘homie hoppers’ ever find their true love?

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‘Homie hopping’ takes a lot of time, energy, and the ability to be thick-faced. You probably know that you can’t go around dating within the same friendship circle. It makes for awkward parties sometimes. Yet, at the same time, you can’t seem to let go of the possibility of finding true love in the same friendship circle.

Maybe you’re getting too comfortable with the same group of friends, dear ‘homie hopper.’ After all, it never hurts to step out of your comfort zone. Give it a try, and you’ll see that there may be someone else out there for you.