Crying During Sex Is Real & It’s Called The ‘Crygasm’

Picture this: You’re in the middle of having really hot sex with your partner and all of the sudden, your emotions took ever and you just… burst into tears.

What the hell, right? Why are your eyeballs wetter than… down there right now? Well, don’t fret, it’s actually scientific.

It’s not because the sex is going badly, at least this part will assure your partner. It’s a phenomenon that happens during sex and it’s called the crygasm. Let’s break it down as to why it happens and how you can roll with it.

When sex is so, unbelievably good

… and it makes you so emotional, you cry tears of joy, which is the crygasm! Sex is highly intimate and evokes strong feelings within a person, like love, closeness and security. These feelings may induce a physiological response of crying… so yes, at that moment, you probably have so many good feelings. Mind = blown.

When sex brings back bad memories

Unfortunately, sex may ignite unwanted memories from the past too, even if it’s going good and great. Negative sexual experiences and physical abuse are among the memories that may resurface which causes a person to cry.

When sex makes you anxious

Tears do not just represent sadness. More often than not, a person has deeper feelings that they may be unable to express during sex, like performance anxiety, and anxiety about sex in general.

When sex hurts

If sexual intercourse hurts you physically, you’re bound to cry out in pain. There are many reasons why sex may be painful, including vaginal dryness, pelvic inflammation, and endometriosis.

What to do if it affects you and your partner

Well, if your partner cries during sex, it can be confusing. Simply speak to your partner about it and explain why you cried. For example, you can say, “Sometimes I cry after I orgasm because it’s so intense.” However, if you’re struggling with negativity during sex, like anxiety or trauma, it’s best to speak to an expert about it, like a gynaecologist or a psychologist.

Have you ever cried during sex? How would you feel if your partner burst out crying in the middle of a steamy sesh? Let us know in the comments below.