COVID-19 M’sia: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) On Movement Control Order

On Monday, we saw our Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Muhammad Yassin, announced a Movement Control Order which took effect yesterday, in order to curb the spread of COVID-19.

If you’re still confused by the rules, worry not, The Malaysian National Security Council has released a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and their answers to facilitate better understanding of the Order: 

1. Name of Order: Movement Control Order

2. Time frame: 18th to 31st of March, 2020

3. Area of coverage: Throughput Malaysia

4. Legislation: The order is based on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 and the Police Act 1967. 

5. Six (6) Instructions under the Movement Control Order: 

  • No movements and large gatherings including religious activities, sports, social and cultural events 
  • Complete restrictions on all overseas travel by Malaysians
  • Complete restrictions on all tourists and foreigners into the country
  • Closing all kindergartens and nurseries, national and private schools and all other lower secondary and pre-university educational institutions
  • Closing all public and higher education institutions as well as Skills Training Institutes
  • Closing of all government and private premises except those involved in providing essential services

7. Can celebrations, weddings and dinners be held?

Marriage solemnisation [akad nikah] can be held] if it does not involve a large gathering. For celebrations and reception, it is strictly prohibited. 

8. Does the movement control order apply for certain hours throughout from March 18-31?

No, the order takes place throughout, at all hours during the period.

9. If necessary items run out, is it possible to go out to buy things and go back immediately?


10. I am a Malaysian and my husband is a UK citizen. Would we be allowed to return during the period of the movement control order?

Yes. If you can prove the validity of marriage which has been either registered with the Malaysian authorities or the original country. The couple would have to go through health screening and self-quarantine to lessen the possibility of being infected or infecting others.

11. I have a child studying in a foreign country. Is she allowed to return?

Yes. Any Malaysian overseas can return during the period. However, the individual has to go through a health screening and self-quarantine.

12. I hold a long-term pass in Malaysia and was supposed to return to my original country before the movement control order was announced. Can I return to Malaysia during this period?

Only foreigners in essential services are allowed to enter Malaysia during this period. Foreign migrants must possess a letter from their employer and present it to the Immigration authorities upon entry.

12. I work in Singapore. Am I allowed to travel to and fro to my office in Singapore?

No. The Movement Control Order applies to all individuals in this country. All individuals who work in neighbouring countries but live in Malaysia are not allowed to travel daily and should inform their employers of this.

13. I have made plans to take a holiday in Malaysia and I have made all the payments. Can I continue my holidays?

Under the movement control order, the public is barred from going to all tourist areas for all social activities and if the visit does not involve essential services. You are advised not to continue your holidays.

14. Can I drive to the airport to pick up my friend who has returned and who is working in essential services?

Going to a place quickly and briefly is allowed under the movement control order.

15. Will schools have to replace the off days taken during the period?

There is no need to.

16. Are all activities and classes involving the higher educational and skill institutions also restricted under the movement control order?


17. What about students who are staying in higher educational institution facilities, especially, foreign students?

All higher education institutions have the choice of staying on campus during the period. Foreign students are advised to return to their countries. Those who return home are not allowed to re-enter during the period of Order. Foreign students who decide to stay put in Malaysia in the hostels will report to their institutes and have to abide by the Order.

18. Will food and beverage businesses such as fast food outlets, restaurants and food courts remain open?

Food outlets may remain open but only for takeaway and delivery through certain companies such as Grab Food and Food Panda.

19. Will public transport such as buses, LRT, MRT, KTM continue to operate?

All public transport will operate as usual during the period.

20. I have paid for the booking of the hotel before the Order was announced. Can I ask for a refund?

The public is advised to talk to the hotels on refunds for bookings made during this period.

21. if there is a death, (not by Covid-19), can I hold prayers and tahlil?

You may hold prayers with close family members and the mosque khairiah (committee). But it’s only prayers, without tahlil.