Tidy Up Your Feed Because Social Media Is Officially The New Résumé

Looking for a new job? The first thing you would need to do is update and beautify your résumé. Well, scratch that because guess what, your two page résumé isn’t going to impress employers anymore. Not in this technological age.

The résumé that you would need to focus on more is actually your social media. That’s a life-long commitment and a hard one to keep – especially if it’s full of memes!

How did social media become the new résumé?

According to Shon Burton, CEO of HiringSolved “Today’s top candidates are much more passive. They are willing to wait for the right job to land in their lap and almost expect recruiters and hiring managers to contact them. In 2014, we expect more companies to ditch the traditional résumé in favor of new, unconventional hiring methods that better reveal a candidate’s true talents and long-term hire favorability.”

He added, “Social profiles often have more accurate, updated information about a person’s expertise, providing a more complete picture than a résumé alone.”

1. An open platform for background checks.

The question you’re most likely going to be asked at an interview is “Tell me about yourself”. By going through your social media accounts, most hiring managers can already tell the type of person you are and whether you fit their organization. They’ll know your hobbies, the kind of friends you surround yourself with and the type of content you like which is likely to give them a pretty good idea and who you are.

So you BS-ing your way through that interview may not work anymore if your social media doesn’t reflect what you say about yourself.

2. They compare candidates influence sand presence.

If you’re in an industry where a social presence is very much important, nothing says you are influential more than the number of followers you have on social media. Very often, people with higher social media followers are favorites when it comes to filling the job compared to candidates with an average amount of followers.

Pretty sure, you’ve heard of the rumoured “privileges” of candidates with 100k and 100 followers. Share more content and get those numbers up people!

3. What you share on social media might boost your chances of getting the job. 

By sharing your work on social media, you’re opening up opportunities for yourself as someone will come across your work and find that you are what they need in their organization.

For example if you’re seeking to be a fashion designer, upload as many of your creations and work to your social media accounts so your future employers can see how creative you are and what people think of your work. That’s sure to entice them!