Corporate Ladies, Here Are 3 Ways To Be More Assertive At Work

When you’re climbing the career ladder, no matter where you are, you’ve probably wondered how you can be more assertive and decisive at work.

Assertiveness can be an asset in the workplace. It’s a pity none of us had classes on how to be more assertive in university.

As a woman, especially if you’re shy and quiet in a male-dominated workplace, it’s pretty difficult to stand your ground, but it’s not impossible. Sure, you may be labelled as “bossy,” but at least you’ll get your ideas across and be a better co-worker overall. Here are 3 ways you can be more assertive at work.

1. Volunteer to help

If a boss or superior asks for help on projects, volunteer yourself first. According to Bustle, volunteering is one of the simplest ways to demonstrate assertiveness while minimizing the risk of conflict in the workplace. This way, you can make a name for yourself as a team player, and soon move onto leadership positions, even voluntarily. It could really help your career growth in the workplace.

2. Learn the “assertive” language

Working with others and getting your point across would mean a bit of change in language. Instead of starting sentences with “you,” begin with “I.” When you’re using the “I” language, it makes it more challenging for people to argue with you, even if they wanted to. Be mindful of your tone when you’re speaking to others too, make sure it’s respectful, and start off with praise when you’re trying to give criticism.

3. Listen to feedback

Source: Witch at Court / KBS

Assertiveness is all about balance, it’s not about looking good or winning the corporate ladder climb. When you’re voicing out an opinion, it’s always a good idea to ask about what others think, and if they have anything to add. By giving your co-workers to an opportunity to be heard, it’ll show that you’re willing to collaborate and listen to others, even if you don’t execute the ideas (within reason, of course).