3 Common Job Interview Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

When you’re job-hunting, the last thing you want to do is be disheartened during the search. You can’t give up, because you can’t afford to, but job-hunting is a whole other 9-to-5, and we don’t talk about it enough.

As a candidate, you’ll probably try your best to do the research, fit in with the company culture, and level up your skills. But everyone else will do this too, in spite of the mistakes commonly made during interviews.

Not making these mistakes will certainly help you stand out from the rest, and help you with your job search. Here are 3 common mistakes that candidates make during job interviews and how to avoid them.

1. Showing up too early

Showing up to an interview an hour before your time slot is actually just as rude as showing up an hour late. You may be surprised by this, but you may disrupt your interviewer’s schedule by arriving ridiculously early. Plus, it reflects on your poor time management skills before you even say “hey.” Choose to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early so you can shake off some nerves and fill up any application forms required.

2. Bragging during the interview

A popular belief for job interviews is that the candidates have to sell themselves. Unfortunately, they don’t tell you how to sell yourself, so most people just end up bragging all the way. Instead of focusing on “selling yourself,” be creative and express why you enjoyed working on certain projects and collaborating with your team. Let your personality shine through instead of just your above-the-top skills.

Every candidate who’s interviewing for the same position will probably have the same skillsets, but will they make a great cultural fit? We’ll have to see about that.

3. Believing you’re not good enough if you haven’t heard back

Sometimes, interviewers don’t get back to you after a while because the position has already been filled. It’s often disheartening to not hear back from a job you so really wanted, but more often than not, it’s probably not a personal thing. It’s not you – perhaps the position has already been filled, maybe it’s just bad timing, but honestly, it’s not because you lack something.

You are good enough, but this position wasn’t for you, and maybe there’s a good reason for that. Get up, get out, and get more interviews done, because you’ll probably find something soon.